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WavePacket is a program package for numerical simulation of quantum-mechanical wavepacket dynamics for distinguishable particles. It can be used to solve one or more (i.e. coupled channels) time-independent or time-dependent (linear) Schrödinger and Liouville-von Neumann-equations. Optionally accounting for the interaction with external electric fields within the semiclassical dipole approximation, WavePacket can simulate modern experiments using ultrashort light pulses in photo-induced physics or chemistry. The extended graphical capabilities allow visualization of wavepacket dynamics 'on the fly', including Wigner transforms to phase space. WavePacket is especially suitable for teaching of quantum mechanics as well as for research projects in physics and chemistry, see also our YouTube channel

Note that there are no files for download available here. Instead you'll find all program files, along with documentation and demonstration examples, separately for the two subprojects of WavePacket:

  • For the (stable, mature) Matlab version click here
  • For the (yet experimental) C++-version click here
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