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The project titled "Wide area frequency measurement system" Developed initially under guidance of: Prof. A. M. Kulkarni,Electrical Department,IIT Bombay. The project consists of 3 modules: The client, The server, and The website Individual readme's could be found in the directories. Purpose: A power system is continually subject to disturbances in the form of load and generation changes, faults and equipment trappings’. These disturbances give rise to electromechanical transients like inter-machine oscillations and system frequency changes. They can be observed in the frequency measurements at various locations in the grid. To study these transients, a wide area frequency measurement setup is implemented. The measurements are done at geographically different locations in the grid and time synchronized using the internet based Network Time Protocol (NTP). The measured frequency is time stamped and send via the internet to a server. This system is low-cost, easy to implement and is a viable tool for tracking and studying system transients. The client machines require any machine capable or running a RTAI patched linux kernel and a serial port. The machine needs to be connected to the Internet. The server needs to be at least P4 2.5 Ghz or equivalent with at least 512MB RAM. A Internet connection with a estimated 512Kbps upload and download speed and static IP is highly recommended. (Dynamic IP is not yet supported, but could be configured, if you are interested in configuring the setup for dynamic IP, please contact the developers.) a large amount of disc space is recommended to save archived readings. The website and the server application are installed on this machine.
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