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----------------------------- 2014/12/17 - RELEASE v1.2.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/11/13 - Added opus support to RTSP Source Filter. Tested with testOnDemandRTSPServer and testvector01.bit.opus (renamed to test.opus) from 2014/11/11 - RTSP port is configurable in RTSP Sink Filter 2014/11/06 - Added VirtualMic - H264 Source fixes: can now read JM-encoded files ----------------------------- 2014/11/06 - RELEASE v1.2.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/11/05 - Added Opus decoder 2014/10/30 - BF in frameskipping filter. Not skipping control samples. 2014/10/28 - Added AAC support to RtspSinkFilter 2014/10/09 - Fixed bugs in PicInPicFilter. Can now be configured properly via property page. Sub-picture dimension and position can be configured while playing. Output dimension can not be configured while output pin is connected. 2014/09/05 Version 1.2 - Added YUV444ToRGBFilter contributed by Thomas Houtekier. Thanks for the contribution Thomas! - Added YUV444 support to YUV source filter. - Added RtspSinkFilter to stream live capture video using LiveMediaExt library. - Frameskipping filter can now skip x out of every y frames to achieve desired frame rates. - Build system has been changed to CMake. Existing VS projects are deprecated and will no longer be maintained. - Updated RtspSourceFilter to use latest live555 (2014.07.25). Updated RTSP client to use new async interface provided by live555. 2014/08/14 - Changed build system to Cmake 2013/10/23 - Version 1.1.0 - Added Stereo2Mono filter - Updated H.264 codec to include many bug-fixes and compatibility changes - H264 Encoder can now output MEDIASUBTYPE_AVC - H264 Source parses parameter sets on IFileSourceFilter::Load - RTSP supports H.264 video and AAC audio 2010/11/03 - Added AudioMixingFilter alpha version - Corrected VS project build dependencies thanks to a hint from jamiefaye 2010/10/28 - Added FramerateDisplayFilter alpha version 2010/10/09 Thanks to John Orr for the following fixes - Fixed leaked handles in RtspSourceFilter - Fixed incorrect assignment in RtspSourceFilter.cpp/RtspSourceFilter::GetCurFile() 2010/10/08 - Checked in live555 source code to make sure that RtspSourceFilter is built with correct live555 version. - Simplified bat startup files
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