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New release 1.2.0

Release 1.2.0 is available.

This release features some new filters and enhancements:
- Opus decoder filter (alpha version)
- RTSP sink filter (capable of streaming H.264 video using the VPP H.264 codec with AMR or AAC for audio.
- A YUV444 to RGB conversion filter contributed by Thomas Houtekier. Thanks Thomas!
- RTSPSourceFilter: updated to asynchronous live555 interface.
- YUV source: added YUV444 input sources (compatible with YUV444ToRGBFilter.... read more

Posted by Ralf Globisch 2014-11-06 Labels: release

VS2012 & VS2013 Express Edition Support Added

The Video Processing Project code can now be built with the Windows Desktop Express Editions of Visual Studio.

Posted by Ralf Globisch 2013-10-24

Release 1.1.0

The latest release contains many H.264 updates and bug-fixes to make the encoder/decoder compatible with the standard.

H.264 & AAC support has been added to the RTSP source filter.

An alpha version of a Stereo 2 mono filter has been added.

Posted by Ralf Globisch 2013-10-23

VC10 Support added!

In keeping up with the latest MS IDE, VC2010 projects have been added.

Posted by RTVC 2010-11-12

Framerate display filter added

This filter uses GDI+ to overlay the estimated framerate onto the video. This can be useful for measuring the framerate in live test scenarios.

Posted by RTVC 2010-11-12

Basic AudioMixingFilter added

A basic implementation of a PCM audio mixer filter has been added. These version takes two PCM input streams and combines them into one output stream.

Posted by RTVC 2010-11-12

New Release

The new installer contains a basic version of a video mixer, an image rotation filter, and a timestamp logging filter in addition to the previously released crop, scale, color converters and RTSP PCM example source filter.

When loading the filters using Graphedit, the filters are now registered in the DirectShow category under the CSIR company name.

Posted by RTVC 2009-08-09

H.264 Codec

The first draft of C++ source code for the block layer of the baseline H.264 codec development has been uploaded. These include the block data holder, integer transforms, vlc codecs and CAVLC implementation. There is some uncertainty on whether or not the combined scaling and quantisation has been properly implemented according to ITU-T Rec. H.264 (03/2005).

Posted by RTVC 2009-06-01

Image rotation added to project

Source code for image rotation classes for RGB24/32 media have been added as well as a DirectShow rotation filter have been added. Images can be rotated by 90, 180, 270 degrees or around the horizontal and vertical axis.

Posted by RTVC 2009-04-29

Video mixing classes added

Source code for RGB24 and 32 picture concatenation and "picture in picture" classes have been added as well the alpha version of a DirectShow VideoMixing filter.

Posted by RTVC 2009-04-29