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  • I Really assume this program one of the best app I at all times used! => check this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I give this project 5 stars because it's open source and it works very well. Before I discovered this, I was bound to "rediscover the wheel" every time I wanted to create a frontend for my clients. And it bored me because it's not very creative when you know that 50% of your time is being spent doing something this tool is creating by itself. I will donate as soon as I get paid for my project in which i use VFront. Thank you very much!

  • We use it for our non-profit org to manage logistic and volunteer/patient database. Easy to install and run. We have to workaround some deficiency and live with some bugs. But overall its the greatest tool we can get for free.

  • Currently using vfront for a big nationwide database. Very easy rapid development of a database frontend is why I chose VFront.

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  • Very easy to implement and modify. Literally saving hundreds of hours. Was the best solution on device for web-access to onboard data management component of machine. The only down-tick is the tepid support network, so being robust and easy to trace keeps the project going.

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  • Great application!

  • VFront does the job in a pretty good manner. Quite easy to configure compared to solution as nuBuilder. But it is also less powerful, and some very basic features would make VFront significally better.

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  • A very functional front end for mysql database

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Excellent product. I think it's one that is very needed. Makes it way faster to set up basic data management stuff. I hope this doesn't die!