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***************************** ***************************** ** VB zWeb 0.5beta Read Me ** ***************************** ***************************** ****************** ** Requirements ** ****************** A Microsoft Windows operating system with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. ************* ** Install ** ************* Step 1: Download VB zWeb 0.5beta from the VB zWeb project BETA folder on Step 2: Extract the ZIP contents. Step 3: Run the Install file inside the extracted folder. ************** ** Features ** ************** - Full screen "Kiosk" style web browser. - Know when the connection is secure. When secure, address bar goes green. - Built in clock in the status bar, so you still know what time it is. **************** ** Change Log ** **************** //Version 0.0.1a// - Initial Release //Version - Basic history functionality added. Does not save when browser is closed... yet. Also does not predict what the user is typing... yet. User must click on Address bar arrow to use at the current time. //Version 0.5b// - Basic history functionality removed. Caused bug in Windows XP machines. Users effected by bug would have program crash on launch ever time they launched program. Only happened when using Win XP. Will have to figure out how to do this without causing Win XP problems. - Look of program changed, so it is no longer dark, or semi transparent. This was changed due to the fact that some users backgrounds made the screen difficult to read. - Removed close button. User must now hit ALT+F4 to exit program. - Controls no longer hidable. This is for compatibility reasons. - Address Bar now updates when back or forward buttons are pressed. - Fixed bug in which on fast loading websites, the address bar would not update to the new address. ***************** ***************** ** END READ ME ** ***************** *****************
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