Fine tune the Windows Update behavior from a centralized server.
Works with WSUS server or Windows Update from Microsoft.

Features :
# vbWSUS_scheduler :
- each host has its own schedule like :
0 10 * * 0#3 = 3rd sunday of each month @ 10:00AM
30 12 * * 6L = last saturday of each month @ 12:00AM
5 2 15 * * = every 15th of each month @ 2:05AM
0 14 L * * = last day of each month @ 2:00PM
and more...
- email notifications on update starting, finished or error

# vbWSUS_admin, remotely :
- install/detect updates
- reset sus id
- hide/unhide updates
- list installed updates

Configurable options (globally or per host) :
- login/password
- proxy server
- wsus server
- search scope
- filter updates by severity, KB or title

See README.txt or contact me for more information ! :)


  • vbscript
  • Windows Update
  • scheduler
  • manager

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User Reviews

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Posted by OpenID User — 2012-07-12 : looks like you downloaded the file from a bad mirror, try downloading again :) Posted by OpenID User — 2012-05-24 : I cannot contact you through sourceforge as it appears you haven't provided a valid email, can you send me an email at snoopscratchy (at] gmail [dot) com so we can investigate your problem ? You should be able to filter updates based on their title as well as their criticity. Posted by smithd4200 — 2012-05-08 : the issue pointed out by smithd4200 is now fixed in release 1.8.7 Many thanks to him for helping me fixing this.

  • Hey, sounds very cool but the latest Zip file for the script seems to be corrupt.

  • It can be quite complex at first sight, but when you take a moment to understand and work through it. You have quite the amount of options to set. One thing that, sadly, renders this absolute for me is the fact that filtering doesn't quite work. All updates, have the category NoSeverity. This includes Service Pack, IE9 and minor security updates. Rendering the filtering obsolete..

  • I have been testing this, and so far I am very impressed. I wanted to give a warning to the author and potential users. I had to modify vbWSUS_scheduler.vbs slightly to get it to work correctly on my setup in the US. I believe it does not work correctly due to different date formats - M/D/Y vs. D/M/Y. The funny thing was my original day of testing everything worked perfectly, and then when I went to test it in a production environment a couple of days later nothing worked. My original testing was done on 5/5/2012 so it just happened to be one of the 12 days out of the year that D/M/Y and M/D/Y are the same. Another thing I spent a few minutes figuring out - if you run it as a task using a service account remember to accept the psexec.exe EULA under that account as well. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

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