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Version 2.2.0 rev(274): New: Terminal feature is more verbose about timing and special characters Bug: Fixed translation issues New: Plugin system optimized New: Data reception rate is added to each viewer separately New: Full speed plotting is now supported Version 2.1.0 rev(80): New: Added support for older hardware where OpenGL is not or partially supported New: Better supported modes check Bug: Negative timestamp number if the sensor runs for a long time is fixed New: Filter plugin support New: Added back conversion tool in a dedicated menu New: Moved the IP address search funtion to the Tools menu Bug: Console not behavior is fixed Bug: Plot not showing if the timestamp is stoppped is fixed New: Added step setting option to UrgBenriConsole New: Added recording scheduling option to UrgBenriConsole New: Added back the UBH log file check function in the Tools menu Bug: Updated some Japanese translation (Still work in progress) Version 2.0.0 rev(25): Bug: Crash when exiting the application is fixed Bug: Termial feature improved Bug: Plot settings windows stage behaviour fixed Version 2.0.0 rev(13): New: Plug in based interface for better modularity and user extension Bug: IP Lookup function supports wild cards Version 1.8.7 rev(398): Bug: Better performance when reading fast data stream Bug: Better raw sensor data logging performance Version 1.8.6 rev(391): Bug: PC network configuration verification does not take in account router case. Thus disabled. New: Alternative sensor's IP address detection. Bug: Sensor port setting field visible again Version 1.8.5 rev(385): NEW: More flexible Source component placing New: IP address lookup function improved and runs slightly faster New: Sensor port setting field hidden Version 1.8.4 rev(378): Bug: Allow connection to the localhost (Local server as data provider) New: Show message when the connection to the sensor fails Version 1.8.3 rev(371): Bug: UBG-04LX-F01 supported modes bug fixed Bug: Ethernet port icon not change therefore it is hidden New: Code base re factored for plug-in support New: Use mouse right button to measure distance in the plot Version 1.8.2 rev(365): Bug: Smoother Plot updating Bug: User Interface tweaking and clean up Nug: Better source tab naming New: User notification in case the sensor is in error state Bug: Classic URG supporting multi-echo capture mode fixed Bug: Japanese translation improvements Version 1.8.1 rev(315): Bug: Fixed IP Lookup function introduced in last version New: Cleaner interface Version 1.8.0: New: Standard and Lite version are introduced New: Revision number management added New: Multi-viewer support added Bug: Overall GUI speed up Bug: Better steps grouping support Bug: Nasty bag where the Plot freeze after one day of usage fixed Bug: User's preference persistence problem fixed New: Not supported capture mode are disabled Bug: IP address look up improved Bug: IP address changer settings verification added Bug: Start/End step update flickering fixed New: XY file format support Bug: Raw data saving bug fixed Version 1.7.6: Bug: Plot stop after a while fixed Version 1.7.5: Bug: Log file made by AreaDesigner could not be read fixed Bug: Plot freeze on some platform fixed Bug: UBH file format file could not be opened in some case fixed Bug: More explanation about the intensity position in the log file added Version 1.7.4: Bug: GUI freeze problem introduced in the last version fixed New: Save more setting New: No bubbles any more Bug: Crash after closing the application fixed Bug: Recording area not translated fixed Version 1.7.3: Bug: Reconnection to sensor improved New: Recover more connection parameter New: USB driver gets installed with the installer New: Plot pin function added Bug: Plot shadow function improved New: Reset saved settings to default Version 1.7.2: Bug: Saving to CSV file with range only fixed Version 1.7.1: New: Save to CSV file Version 1.7.0: New: PC Ethernet interface configuration check New: IP address look up function added New: Touch input support Version 1.6.9: Imp: Timestamp anti-rollover behaviour disabled Bug: In console mode, recording delays fixed Bug: UBH to CSV exporting error with multi-echo fixed Version 1.6.8: Bug: File format link fixed Bug: Crashing while changing mode fixed Version 1.6.7: New: Send QT as a first command on connection established Bug: Many communication optimizations New: It is possible to cancel connection while retrying Version 1.6.6: Bug: Log recording not working bug fixed New: Connection retries now configurable Version 1.6.5: Bug: Crash on application quit fixed Update: Japanese translation updated Version 1.6.4: Bug: Serial port connection/disconnection detection lost in the last update restored Version 1.6.3: Bug: IP changing function improved Bug: Baudrate changing function improved Version 1.6.2: Bug: Data recording buffer data problem fixed Bug: Application freeze after few minutes fixed Version 1.6.1: Bug: Log recording mess up the file fixed Version 1.6.0: Bug: Classic-URG connection support fixed New: Moved to Qt 5.1.1 Version 1.5.4: New: Recording panel added with extra information Version 1.5.3: Bug: Connection debug data Version 1.5.2: New: Baud rate change option is added Bug: Serial connection speeds glitch fixed Version 1.5.1: Bug: Laser check frequency fixed New: Baudrate setting added to serial connection Bug: Saving data file with custom name fails Version 1.5.0: New: UBH file format help New: Step grouping Bug: Supported modes detection fixed New: Scans skipping New: Log File information New: Application name in the log file New: Data timestamp is shown in the plot area Version 1.4.1: Bug: Dependency problem solved Version 1.4.0: New: Windows Native API. New: Windows 8 support Version 1.3.6: New: IP changing function added. Version 1.3.5: Bug: Dependency fixed. Version 1.3.4: Bug: Application crash while viewing data and language change fixed. New: CLI: File storage disconnection detection and recovery. New: Sensor USB unplug detection. Version 1.3.0: Bug: Application unstable while recording from the sesnor is fixed Version 1.2.8: New: Include Data timestamp and log time in the exported CSV file. Bug: Sensor not detected case fixed. Version 1.2.7: Bug: Problem with mode switching fixed. Version 1.2.6: New: Reconnection delay introduced Bug: Viewer showing vibrating angle fixed Bug: Viewer skipping step 0 highlighting fixed Version 1.2.5: New: Free disk space watcher implemented Bug: sensor disconnect confusion fixed (LRM) New: Grouping scans (LRM) New: Continuous mode in data acquisition (LRM) Bug: Free disk space calculation on Mac OS X fixed New: Notification management improved New: Year unit for duration argument support was dropped (LRM) Bug: CTRL+C handling fixed Bug: Empty file when saving sensor's information fixed Version 1.2.4: New: Application version in the sensor info file New: Error message in acquisition error Bug: Files extension fix for screen shot and sensor info files New: Pseudo activity log per sensor New: Reboot function added New: LRM - Reconnect in case of error New: Adjustable notification timing New: Auto scanning start selectable Fix: Data drawing optimization Fix: Japanese translation update Fix: More notifications Version 1.2.3: Bug: Repeated file playing slow initiation fixed New: Message notification Bug: Table view freeze fixed Version 1.2.2: New: Default filename date-time format unified New: Save/Restore current folder Bug: Fix the current path setting Version 1.2.1: Bug: screen shot file default extension fixed to png format Bug: Error reporting in console mode is improved Version 1.2.0: Bug: Sensor information default file extension New: Console interface for long period recording Bug: Loading file by double click New: Mouse location on graph Bug: Continuous multiple recording overlaps files header fixed.
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