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uniqoda-v5 2016-08-23
uniqoda-v4 2016-06-03
uniqoda-v3 2015-12-31
uniqoda-0.0.2 2011-03-09
uniqoda-0.0.1 2011-03-04
uniqoda-0.0.0 2011-02-20
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⚠ Note: If you tried to download a file but arrived here...

... it means that you followed an old link to an old version of the software while a newer version has already been released. Please download the latest version. Visit http://uniqoda.sourceforge.net/ for more details.

Release notes

uniqoda v5

  • fix: ignore non-scalable fonts in font-map construction. ignore failures when trying to load a glyph.
  • fix: font registration
  • Always update the fontmap when applying the Options dialog changes.
  • Unicode 9.0 databse updated.
  • Symbola 9.00 hinted font.

uniqoda v4

  • fix: fonts field line-endings bug.
  • Add per-user statistics database with use-counts and last use time.
  • Prioritize search by use-counts.
  • show MRU list when query is empty.

uniqoda v3

Complete internal rewrite, which includes:

  • Unicode 8.0 database updated.
  • Symbola 8.00 font.
  • Better fuzzy search based on EST.
  • Context menu with extra copying options.
  • Reverse search (by character or numeric codepoint).
  • Better font rendering (sRGB, adaptive size, improved glyph placement within the image).
  • Font substitition based on file size rather than the number of codepoints defined.
  • Per-user settings.
  • Daemon/uniqoda process separation to drive memory consumption to minimum when not in use.
  • Interface tweaks to make Options and About more apparent. No more "compact mode". :(
  • Documentation updated to be more concise.

uniqoda v2 (0.0.2)

  • fix: empty fonts field crash.
  • fix: installer didn't register the fonts. (SHAME!)

uniqoda v1 (0.0.1)

First public release.

  • Installer closes uniqoda before updating/uninstalling.
  • Decreased memory consumption.
  • fix: some internal fixes that I don't remember already...

uniqoda v0 (0.0.0)

First alpha release

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