tkPacman is a lightweight graphical user interface for 'pacman', the package manager of Arch Linux.

It is built with Tcl/Tk. As such it is compatible with all window managers and desktop environments.

It only interacts with the package database via the CLI of 'pacman'. So, installing and removing packages with tkPacman or with pacman leads to exactly the same result.

tkPacman is started using your normal (unprivileged) user account. You can browse through available and installed packages as a normal user. Anytime, you perform an action that requires 'root' privileges, you are asked to authenticate. tkPacman can use 'su', 'sudo', 'gksu' or 'kdesu'.


  • Browse packages available in the repositories;
  • Browse installed packages;
  • Many ways to filter out specific packages;
  • Display detailed information about packages;
  • Display files belonging to an installed package;
  • Peform a full system upgrade;
  • Check for updates without touching the package database;
  • Install a package from a local file;
  • View the pacman log file;
  • Cleanup pacman cache;
  • Optimize pacman database

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