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  • Used this to replace lion clock and we ended up adding the Punchclock add in from AcmeBase, which free and available. We like the ability to add notes when clocking in or out. This has eliminated the need for keeping a notepad next to the time clock. Also built in management of ip restrictions is a plus. Some of the subtle features are nice like preventing suspicious adjustments (During testing I attempted to change my own times and a message "Somethings fishy here". The punch clock add in adds a lot of features that makes this a good option for a punch clock including giving employees the ability to view their own time card. One feature we would have liked to see is the option to prevent double punches (out,out or in,in) I found a section of code to modify this for the main application but the fix did not apply to the Punchclock add in.

  • Neither the "User Summary" or "User Search" functions worked in the Admin screen - just got a blank page for both. To troubleshoot this, turned on PHP Error Reporting with an .htaccess file. Turned out both useradmin.php and usersearch.php had a commented-out line with an spurious line break in the middle of the line. Sorry, don't have line numbers, but look for a line starting with "%>" (without the quotes) in each of those files, and take the line breaks out so that they are appended to the line above. I'm going to rate the software as "Just OK" on all counts because I haven't had a chance to use it yet!

  • Works, very small, no complaints.

  • very good program timeclock.

  • With minor modifications made to the PHP, this software works well for my small business. I would definitely recommend this software to any size of company.

  • Due to age, you'll need to replace some deprecated php commands. Run these two regex replacements in this order using Notepad++ version 5.9 or later (for non-greedy support) on all php files inside the root folder for timeclock: Find: eregi \(\"([^']+?)(')([^']+?)\", Replace: preg_match ('/\1\\\2\3/i', Find: eregi \(\"([^']+?)\", Replace: preg_match ('/\1/i', You'll also need to replace all instances of TYPE=MyISAM with ENGINE=MyISAM in the create_tables.sql file as well as correcting line 100 to say (not sure about this one) timestamp bigint(14) NOT NULL, instead of timestamp timestamp(14) NOT NULL,

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  • very great app! i love it so much!