This mod adds butterflies to the game. Different butterflies spawn in different locations. Below there is a list of all butterflies with their spawn locations and conditions. Some butterflies will be rare finds to make it a little bit more exciting. That's why the information of most of the rare butterflies is not shown on this page. You will be able to catch these butterflies dead or alive. Dead Butterflies can be made into mountable trophies and Caught Butterflies can be tamed and released. This way you can start either a Butterfly Gallery or a Butterfly Garden. They also really add a nice atmosphere to your game. Currently they don't have other uses but this will change in the near future. Enjoy the mod.


  • All butterflies spawn naturally
  • Ability to Craft a Butterfly Net
  • Ability to Craft Butterfly Jar and Gold Butterfly Jar
  • Ability to Craft and Place Butterfly Trophies
  • Ability to catch a Butterfly and store it in a Jar or catch a dead one without a jar
  • Ability to tame Butterflies using the Gold Jars
  • Ability to let butterflies on your head and remove them by right-clicking
  • Ability to toggle following of Tamed Butterflies by right-clicking them

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