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client implemented and compiled with GCC 4.4.3 and Qt 4.4.6 server with borland C++ builder 6 how to install sorry for my poor english, but i am sure that you can fellow. 1) download MySQL serveur, it is free and open source. 2) install MYSQL and follow this step a) open MYSQL command prompt and create manualy this database: b) create database client; c) connect client; d) CREATE TABLE clien (ID integer AUTO_INCREMENT,pseudo char(20), name char(30),fname char(20),pass char(20), primary key(ID)); 3) dowload all servers and run all of it. there is tree in totale a) ip server b) global server c) add friend servere 4) download port.bat and upnpc-static.exe a) if you re in a LAN run port.bat to turn servers visible from exterieur the lan b) if you have a direct public ip then you don't need to run port.bat. c) if you dont know, then just run it. 5) download the clien "release.rar" then in the file"host.txt" put ip adress of your server or URL for example if you are in lan then put 192.168.1.X or if it is hosted in other server then you can put for exampl and the client resolve automatiquelly the ip adress. 6) run the client and a) subcribe b) add friend c) enjoy remarque: after you add the friend by his name he will close and then open the client and then he must accept. after his acceptance you must close and reopen the client. this software use the mini upnp protocol developped by Thomas Bernard. thanks for this great lib. Author: Thomas Bernard ===> or enjoy tchating downloading file and listenning music from the computer of your friend. any bug.... make a commentary thanks.
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