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TAXOMO is a data-mining tool that takes as input a set of sequences and a taxonomy, and generates a succinct description of the sequences.

The input sequences may represent any kind of data, e.g.: trajectories on a map, web pages visited by a user, etc. The taxonomy should be defined over the states in the sequences. In the case of a map, for instance, they can be regions and sub-regions for the points in the map. In the case of a web site, they can be categories and sub-categories for the pages.

The distribution contains example sets of sequences and a doc/index.html file explaining how to run the software. For inquiries, contact any of the authors of the article below.


Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo, Debora Donato, Aristides Gionis: "Taxonomy-driven lumping for sequence mining". Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Springer, Volume 19, Issue 2, p.227-244 (2009)

Download paper / Springer link / Slideshow


This software is licensed under the BSD license.

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