New version 106.27!
A text to speech TTS program for Windows 7 with minimalist approach.
* Plays plain text files, text copied to the clipboard and from the programs edit control.
* Opens, saves and appends to text files.
* Pauses, resumes and stops playing in interactive mode.
* Saves text to "wav" file. You can make you own audio books.
* Converts "wav" file to "mp3" using "Lame.exe".
* Activates the control panel Speech applet where the Text to Speech properties can be adjusted.
* It minimises to the System Tray.
* Right-click System Tray Icon Menu, to control TalkText while minimised.
Written in C, win32 API only, (no MFC).
It is built on a Windows 7 x64, but compiled to x86 (32 bit) using Win 7.1 PSDK and SAPI 5.4 SDK.
It is a small executable (~95k) file only. Does not modify the Windows Registry. Easy install/uninstall. Just copy the exe file to convenient folder and make some shortcuts.
Subscribe/Check for updates often.
Please give feedback.


  • Plays text typed into the text editor window.
  • Plays plain text files directly, without importing it into the text editor.
  • Plays text copied to the Clipboard automatically, when clipboard play is enabled.
  • Play can be Paused, Resumed and Stopped in interactive mode.
  • Plain text files can be loaded into the text editor window and played.
  • New! Saves text to "wav" file. You can convert your text eBooks to Audio Books
  • The content of the text editor window can be saved, or appended to a plain text file.
  • Activates the Control Panel Speech Recognition applet, to adjust Speech properties.
  • Minimises to the System Tray (Task bar Notification area).
  • New! Command line switch (-c) to activate Clipboard Play at start up.
  • No ads, "toolbars", male-ware, spy-ware ...etc.

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Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop, Testers

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Win32 (MS Windows)

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C++, C