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switch-wp Wallpaper slideshow for gonme shell Install - Copy the switch-wp in to $HOME/bin $ cp bin/switch-wp $HOME/bin/switch-wp - Copy the send cmd utility to $HOME/bin $ cp bin/switch-wp-send-cmd $HOME/bin/switch-wp-send-cmd - Copy the switch-wp.config to $HOME/.config/switch-wp/switch-wp.config $ cp config/switch-wp.config $HOME/.config/switch-wp/switch-wp.config - Change the configration parameters in config file - Add $HOME/bin/ in the PATH env - Run command $ switch-wp -To send command $ switch-wp-send-cmd command command can be Next: Next Wallpaper Back: Previous Wallpaper Play : Play the slide show if paused Pause: Pause the slide show at current wallpaper PlayPause: Play is paused and Pause if playing PausePlay: Same as above IncreaseTime: Increase the refresh time by one second DecreaseTime: Decrease the refresh time by one second LoadConfig: Reload the configuration file -Configuration Otions BaseDir: where all your wallpapers are stored SearchDepth: maxdepth upto which the base_dir will serached recursively Filters: List of words which files and fiolders will be ignored Refresh: duration in min in which to change wallpapers OneTime: Randomly change a wallpaper and quit Demon: run with detached form terminal Recursive: if 0 only the base directory will be searched for wallpapers and SearchDepth will be ignored Autostart: Wthether start with login AddDir: to add multiple dirs: Use multiple times to add dir ApplyFilter: Whether To apply filter or not Priority: Factor by which to reduce the priority of the process [ 0 to 10] RenderType: Determines how the image set. Possible values are "none", "wallpaper", "centered", "scaled", "stretched", "zoom", "spanned" SecondaryColor: Right or Bottom color when drawing gradients, not used for solid color. default 0 0 0 (R G B) [R G B can be 0 to 255] PrimaryColor: Left or Top color when drawing gradients, or the solid color default 0 0 0 (R G B) [R G B can be 0 to 255] Opacity: Opacity with which to draw the background picture [0 to 100] DeskTopIcons: Whether to show desktop icons or not RevertConfigAtExit: Revert back config changes done at time of exit Shade: How to shade the background color. valid Values: "horizontal", "vertical", and "solid"
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