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streambaby-0.53.zip 2016-08-07 9.0 MB 2323 weekly downloads
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version 0.52 (05/28/2016)


  • You can press 1 on remote to toggle between alphabetical and date file sorting.

version 0.51 (05/25/2016)


  • Add "-bufsize 4096k" to ffmpegexe.transcode.sameqargs in addition to the -maxrate added previously to keep ffmpeg happy for some transcodes.

version 0.50 (05/14/2016)


  • Add "-maxrate 25000k" to ffmpegexe.transcode.sameqargs so that same quality transcodes cannot surpass 25 Mbps which TiVos cannot handle.

version 0.49 (03/25/2016)


  • Fix to tools zip file download URL to match changes in sourceforge

version 0.48 (01/03/2016)


  • Added streambaby.ini option to sort by last modified file date: sort.date= (default:false)
    • To enable sort by last modified file date add following to streambaby.ini: sort.date=true

version 0.47 (12/17/2015)


  • Fix to get pushes working again with latest Java 8 releases.

version 0.46 (11/21/2015)


  • Now uses tivolibre for .TiVo file decrypt so that TS .TiVo files (include H.264) can now be streamed on any platform.

version 0.45 (5/25/2015)


  • Transcode mpeg2 video with audio bit rate > 480 Kbps

version 0.44 (5/24/2015)


  • Transcode mpeg2 video with DTS audio since DTS is not TiVo compatible

version 0.43 (5/9/2015)


  • Honor ignore.names setting in streambaby.ini for Plex titles
  • Updated "Please Wait" image


  • Added m2ts to list of default video file extensions recognized.

version 0.42 (4/18/2015)


  • Changed detection of .TiVo TS vs PS container detection to work more reliably
  • Avoid multiple threads running at once when refreshing browse mode right window pane

version 0.41 (1/02/2015)


  • Selection Screen side view screen can now be turned off if desired: streambaby.use_sideview= (default:true)

version 0.40 (12/07/2014)


  • Updated code to recognize and filter out TiVo Stream as a push target.

version 0.39 (11/01/2014)


  • Selection Screen art image height is now configurable in streambaby.ini: browser.image.height= (default:180)


  • Remux mkv container with mpeg2 video & ac3 audio instead of transcode.


  • Java 8 update broke mind.tivo.com login authentication associated with pushes, so the code has been updated to work with Java 8.

version 0.38 (10/18/2014)


  • Right pane in Selection screen now makes better use of available space by wrapping text around any image art.
  • Searches are now done in background mode, adding matches to the Selection screen as they are found. That way you can start perusing search results without waiting for complete search to finish, and you can also interrupt search to start a new one.

version 0.37 (10/10/2014)


  • Thumbs Up to bring up Search screen now works when selected entry is not a folder. The parent folder of the selected entry is used as the search start point.
  • Added ability to push .TiVo files. Previously this was not allowed/supported.
    • For Program Stream container .TiVo files streambaby relies on "tivodecode" to decrypt while transferring.
    • For Transport Stream container .TiVo files streambaby can push on Windows platform with at least a partial TiVo Desktop installation such that DirectShow dump can be used to decrypt (tivodecode can't properly decrypt TS .TiVo files)
    • For Windows & Mac platforms the "native" folder contains tivodecode executable and will be used by default unless alternate executables configured by user.
    • A new streambaby.ini config option is available to specify path to tivodecode: tivodecode.path


  • Default ffmpeg for Mac platform to executable in "native" folder if user configuration file doesn't define a valid one.
  • The "streambaby" script now looks for java in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java if java is not in path, which should help Mac platform to work out of the box.
  • Changed default logging level to "Info" instead of "Warn" so that more information is logged and displayed to console by default.
  • Allow H264 level 51 streams without transcoding. Previously streambaby would transcode anything above level 41. In case older TiVos are not updated to support level 51, a streambaby.ini option is available to set it back to 41 if necessary using: mp4mod.maxlevel=41
  • Cleaned up unused code and jar files which has trimmed down the streambaby distribution.


  • Negative size estimate was being used for transcoding pushes leading to incomplete pushes. This has been changed to use size estimate based on a fixed max bitrate.
  • Deal with mp4 videos with empty mdat atoms.

version 0.36 (10/5/2014)


  • Simple search capability added
    • With a folder selected in streambaby press Thumbs Up to bring up the Search screen.
    • Searches will be performed from selected folder level down.
    • Enter a search term and then press Enter on remote or choose the OK button to search.
    • NOTE: Direct keyboard entry is NOT supported since Java HME SDK doesn't have extended keyboard support built in, so you have to enter search terms using the virtual keyboard provided.
    • NOTE: Search terms are case independent.
    • Search currently looks at file names, titles and descriptions matching the search term entered.
    • Any matching videos are displayed in Selection screen and can be played from there.
  • Streambaby push enhancements
    • Pushes now work with Java 7 or later. Previously only worked with Java 6 or earlier.
    • List of push TiVo names sorted alphabetically instead of arbitrary.


  • IP & port of a TiVo connecting to Streambaby is now displayed.

version 0.35 (10/2/2014)

  • Metadata art when available is now displayed in Selection screen right pane
  • mp4 metadata display for Play screen updated to display description normally instead of as a title
  • Added line # after class name in logging to faciliate debugging.
  • Fix a condition where mp4/m4v metadata was not being parsed correctly and thus streambaby wasn't showing any metadata.
  • Use "ldes" mp4 atom when available to get full description rather than truncated one for use in metadata display.
  • For mp4 metadata parser, don't hide exceptions being thrown.
  • Added wtv to default list of file extensions to display in Selection screen.

version 0.34 (9/28/2014)

  • Fixed issue on Mac platform not setting ffmpeg path to one under "native" folder by default
  • Fixed issue with right pane showing information about different entry than currently selected in the list on left side
  • Right pane update now is done in background mode, so won't slow down list navigation on the left making for a smoother experience
  • Metadata is now extracted from .TiVo files with help of "tdcat" utility and if you specify your MAK # in streambaby.ini using new configuration property: tivo.MAK=(default:blank)

  • Windows and Mac tools packages include tdcat.

  • Mac tools package updated with newer version of ffmpeg.
  • New streambaby.ini entry available to specify location of tdcat: tdcat.path=(default:native/tdcat)

version 0.33 (9/27/2014)

  • File Browser screen now has left and right panels, with the right panel displaying some details about the currently selected file or folder.
  • Plex episodic shows now folderized
  • Added new streambaby.ini option to ignore specified files/folders in file browser mode: ignore.names=name1,name2 (default:blank) A comma separated list of file or directory names to ignore when scanning the directory hierarchy of shares. Note that the names to ignore can either be full strings or regex expressions.

  • On Windows if you have at least partial TiVo Desktop installed now Streambaby can stream TS .TiVo files with the help of DirectShowDump and ffmpeg.

  • mpeg2 video in mpeg2 transport stream container is now remuxed instead of fully transcoded.
  • Ignore TiVo Mini & Stream as push targets.
  • Updated method used to download auxilary tools on first start.
  • Updated default ffmpeg executable installed for Windows to be a recent version of ffmpeg.
  • Added Mac tools download on first run which includes ffmpeg. Note that this is untested as I don't have a Mac to test with.
  • Disabled FFmpegJavaVideoModule since it's based on ancient ffmpeg builds that are no longer practical to use. Instead the picture previewer now relies exclusively on ffmpeg.

version 0.32 (9/20/2014)


  • Updated the background image and the screen layouts for the File Browser and Information screens to make more complete use of available screen space.
  • Added preliminary Plex client capabilities.
    • You will need to add Plex Media Server IP and port to streambaby.ini in following sample syntax: plex.server=
    • When streambaby starts it will try and communicate with the server to obtain information on Plex libraries. If successful, once complete you should see a Plex folder available as a top share and will be able to navigate similar to non-Plex shares.
    • NOTE: This capability is very preliminary and may not work for you at all. My testing was based on a very small and simple Plex video library.

version 0.31 (9/14/2014)


  • The age old 1.1 GB buffer limit is finally fixed!! So now you can buffer videos > 1.1 GB without interruption. The maximum buffer size is set to 20 GB by default but can be altered if necessary using this option in streambaby.ini file:

transcode.bufferlimit= (default:20) Sets maximum buffer size in GB to use for streaming

  • Fix to the Font Manager related problem when using Java 7. So now streambaby should run without issues using Java 7.

  • Added a few more streambaby.ini config variables related to video playback: display.timeout_status_bar= (default:5) Number of seconds for status bar to timeout

display.timeout_icon= (default:5) Number of seconds for icon display to timeout

display.timeout_info= (default:10) Number of seconds for program information to timeout

display.skip_backwards= (default:8) Number of seconds for skip backwards

display.skip_forwards= (default:30) Number of seconds for skip forwards

  • Added .ts as a recognized video file extension by default


  • Changed default HME name to "streambaby" instead of "Stream, Bay, Stream"
Source: readme.mkd, updated 2016-05-28

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