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Current Version 0.5.2 Version 0.5.2 Fixed update button, would show as download update even if it was the newest version. Version 0.5.1 Cleaned up the UI a little, Check For Update is now in the settings pane Check For Update now only checks if there is a new version available, It than changes to Download Update and the user can select that if they choose Version 0.4.4 Updater now workes with (though version check still depends on dropbox) Version 0.4.3 Uploaded to Version 0.4.1 Updater is now in beta Version 0.3.1 Added an update option (this was still in early alpha) Version 0.2.3 Cleaned up some of the code (this version wasn't released) Version 0.2.2 Fixed the program so it would no longer display an error on first launch. (was attempting to get info from the settings.ini file which wasn't created yet) Version 0.2.1 Fixed path problem (if steam path had spaces in it, the app wouldn't work) Program now has an installer (for ease of use) Version 0.1 First Release (hopefully done, this was shattered)
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