a little and 'mininalist' 3D Flight simulator, accompanied also by a dydactical example that illustrates the concept behind flight simulators. FlightCraft3D anyway goes a lot beyond: is physically realistic, and allowes landing everywhere. It aims at becoming a game focused on casual landing, among trees, rocks and buildings and so on.
It shall be a sort of Minecraft-focused-on-aeromobilism. Simply implemented, but with many interesting features. I plan to do also a non-GL version that displays whole 3D gfx with a procedure at whose end pixels are displayed with SDL, asciiart, of native Linux X11 graphics of native Win graphics. Ofc ourse OpenGL is very useful for displaying nice trees... .
it's a single sourcefile program.

USAGE: in any Linux/UNIX system (es.Ubuntu) download the zip and place it in your home directory; extract the zip. open a Terminal and navigate int the folder of the game;type this: "make";press ENTER; double-click the a.out


  • realistic physics, also at landing and collisions
  • airplane will be made deformable
  • trees around, which shall be solid later on, but damagable. Yes: desertification will be possible, as well as airport-construction... .
  • textured graphics
  • soon there shall be positionable buildings/blocks to make experiments on casual landing, and stunts
  • very simple sourcecode
  • internal view, rotable. it is a little awkward to get right point of view but it works: once the point of view was set good, it is acceptably good.
  • only SDL and OpenGL needed to compile and run
  • Also a non-OpenGL versin will be made
  • airplane shape is automatically read in from a file, but a better polyhedron model of the airplane is needed

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User Reviews

  • Compiling FlightCraft3d on PcLinuxOs 2015 I have successfully compiled Flightcraft3d (as published on SourceForge.net in March of 2015) on the following versions of PcLinuxOS: PcLinuxOsKde32Minime fully updated as of 14Mar2015 PcLinuxOsKde32 fully updated as of 14Mar2015 PcLinuxOsKde32FullMonty fully updated as of 14Mar2015 In each case it was necessary to add the following libraries: 1- libSDL-devel with all of its dependencies as managed by Synaptic (to get /usr/include/SDL/sdl.h) 2- mesa-devel with all of its dependencies as managed by Synaptic (to get /usr/include/GL/gl.h) Once those library headers and their many dependencies are in place and up to date as automated by Synaptic, I can compile the published source code from the directory into which the SourceForge archive has been extracted with the following one-word command: make Whereupon the executable, named "a.out" is created. I did not need to edit the source code at all. It compiled immediately, generating no errors, and resulted in a working flight simulator that I can control from the keyboard. All of my experience has been on machines equipped with nVidia graphics cards, and I do not know how the resulting sim runs on other hardware.

  • hello world

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