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  • good project spicebird

  • Great app

  • Hello, First of all thank you so much for providing a decent open source software. I have one question and some suggestions. What is the difference between "Spicebird" and "spicebird (safe mode)"? Is the last one refers to more secure condition? suggestions: 1- The default page (i.e. Welcome to Spicebird 0.8) with red logo is kind of flicking. It reminds me an alert that say "This site may be harmful for your computer!" 2- Getting a certificate for the software, like Thunderbird, increase it's trustiness for all users, as it involves in people's privacy. 3- It will be a good function if software's inbox email alert keep running, despite closing the software's windows (like gmail notifier). 4-It will be good, if users are able to choose, for each email, whether to put signature under the massage or not, furthermore putting more than one signature for different kind (formal/ informal) email.

  • ESPAÑOL una recomendación prodrian poner un botón en bandeja para el programa spicebird y que al cerrarlo se minimice en bandeja y que los mensajes se vean minimizado en bandeja ENGLISH a recommendation can you put a button on the tray by closing Spicebird and that minimizes to tray and see the messages when it is minimized to tray

  • Fresh and refreshing interface... good use of screen real estate... if it continues to improve it will be "Goodbye Outlook"

  • I think Spicebird is a great PIM! I would like the contact search to be available on more fields but I hope that development keeps going,SB is real easy to live with.

  • I want HELP when I press F1. There are no "directions" per se for Spicebird.

  • Very promising but needs some additional work. As it is, its very usable and hopefully it will become a challenge to thunderbird.

  • Good UI