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syslogd - A made-for-Snarl command-line syslog daemon Copyright (c) 2016-2017 full phat products Install -=-=-=- To install, unzip and copy the contents into a suitable folder. Note that you must also have the .net 4.0 Framework installed as well. Running -=-=-=- To launch, open a Command Prompt and navigate to the folder you extracted syslogd.exe into. Then run syslogd using: c:> syslogd.exe Notes -=-=- o Syslogd uses UDP Port 514 to receive notifications. If you have another syslog daemon or service running on the computer, syslogd will not be able to access the port o You will also need to point syslog sources to the IP address or host name of the machine you're running syslogd on - how this is done varies on a device-by-device basis - check the device's manuals for more details o Listening on a port may require elevated permissions. If you have issues running syslogd, try launching Command Prompt as an Administrator Change Log -=-=-=-=-=- // Alpha 4 - renamed event actions slightly; // - code tidied up, unused code removed or commented-out // // Alpha 3 - better Snarl appearance detection // // Alpha 2 - now detects if Snarl is running or not and (re-)registers accordingly
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