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  • Smallwindows is perfect! Thanks.

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  • just tried this on XP and the speed and resource usage is VERY impressive! The only thing that i'd like to see improved really is certain programs display a black screen. For instance, firefox and adobe reader.

  • SmallWindows è il migliore che abbia mai provato, c'è solo un piccolo problemino: se una finestra ingrandita a tutto schermo si trova in primo piano rispetto a tutte le altre finestre, SmallWindows non funziona :(

  • I am running Windows 7 (64bit) and here are my issues. 1. When it goes through it's normal functionality of dispersing the windows Expose-style, my desktop background disappears and will only reappear if I go back into the Personalize setting and re-select my current background. This makes the program counterproductive and lowers user efficiency and computer aesthetics, practically making the program worthless. 2. Upon determining it's worthlessness I proceeded to attempt to uninstall. a. It doesn't exist under any recognizable name in Programs and Features. b. It doesn't show up in the StartMenu/All Programs area. c. The option to start upon Windows start is deselected, and yet it still does. d. It doesn't show up as a Startup item in either the StartMenu or in MSconfig System Configuration, nor is it listed as a Service under MSconfig. I've googled now how to take it off, and can find no resources. The support tab available on this website also has nothing to offer. I've got a few more options to try to remove it. Re-installing it then uninstalling, and using Hijackthis to dive into it.

  • good job

  • The best one among all Expose'-like Applications I've found.