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SimulIDE is a simple real time electronic circuit simulator.

It's intended for general purpose electronics and microcontroller simulation, supporting PIC, AVR and Arduino.

PIC simulation is provided by gpsim and avr simulation by simavr.

This is not an accurate simulator for circuit analisis, it aims to be the fast, simple and easy to use, so this means simple and not very accurate electronic models and limited features.

Intended for hobbist or students to learn and experiment with simple circuits.

SimulIDE also features a code Editor and Debugger for GcBasic, Arduino, PIC asm and AVR asm. Editor/Debugger is still in it's firsts stages of development, with basic functionalities, but it is possible to write, compile and basic debugging with breakpoints, watch registers and global variables.

Building SimulIDE:

Build dependencies:

  • Qt5 dev packages
  • Qt5Core
  • Qt5Gui
  • Qt5Widgets
  • Qt5Xml
  • Qt5Concurrent

Audio plugin:

  • Qt5 Multimedia dev

AVR plugin:

  • libelf dev
  • gcc-avr
  • avr-libc

Pic plugin:

  • gpsim dev
  • glib-2.0 dev

Serial Plugin:

  • Qt5 Serialport dev

Once installed go to the correspondent build folder and run build script, for example for Linux 64 bits:

$ cd build_L64 $ ./

This will build simulIDE core and all plugins. In folder build_L64/release/SimulIDE_x.x.x you will find executable, plugins binaries, examples and all needed to run SimulIDE.

There are also build scripts in plugins folder and in each plugin folder in case you need to compile only plugins or just one plugin.

Build scripts are very simple, most of the build proccess is coded in Qt .pro files.

Running SimulIDE:

Run time dependencies:

  • Qt5Core
  • Qt5Gui
  • Qt5Widgets
  • Qt5Xml
  • Qt5Concurrent

Audio plugin:

  • Qt5 Multimedia
  • Qt5 Multimedia Plugins

AVR plugin:

  • libelf

Editor Plugin (depending on your use):

  • GcBasic
  • Arduino IDE
  • gpasm
  • avra

Pic plugin:

  • gpsim
  • glib-2.0

Serial Plugin:

  • Qt5 Serialport

SimuliDE executable is in bin folder.

No need for installation, place SimulIDE folder wherever you want and run the executable.

SimulIDE can run without one or more plugins, you just will not have that functionalities.

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