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Comprehensive List of Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes to SimpleCheck Since 8.0.0 Installed Enhancements & Bug Fixes: 1) 8.0.1 - Bug Fix: Enlarged the user name buffer to accomodate long names to fix an authentication problem preventing deletes. 2) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: When the Find window is opened, the "Find what:" field is now highlighted. 3) 8.0.2 - Added an Exit (program) item to the File Menu of the MailBoxes (Result) window, similar to the SimpleCheck System Tray Exit. 4) 8.0.2 - Selecting a MailBox in the left-pane now highlights the first message in the right-pane and transfers the focus there. 5) 8.0.2 - Doing a Delete Now (X) retains the focus in the right-pane and highlights the message after the last deleted one. 6) 8.0.2 - Marking a Message for Deletion with a Tool Button now advances the MailBox window message list Highlight 1 line. 7) 8.0.2 - Focus handling is now consistent throughout the application so it now remains in the MailBox window right-pane. 8) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: Messages are now reread from the Saved File Directory reliably regardless of which Windows OS is being used. 9) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: A Reply from the MailBox (Result) window now Reads an UnRead message automatically and then opens SimpleSend. 10) 8.0.2 - SimpleSend now requires that the To & Subject fields not be empty; as indicated by the orange color of the fields. 11) 8.0.2 - Double-clicking the BCC address field in SimpleSend adds the Sender E-Mail address into the BCC list. 12) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: All E-Mail addresses now show in the Message Preview window by wrapping to new lines. 13) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: The Cancel button in the Progress window now works properly for both reading a Message and when Checking MailBoxes. 14) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: The .scpf Profile file is now completely loaded even if a Ctrl-Z is accidentally embedded in a message entry. 15) 8.0.2 - A log file of key application process steps is now created at SimpleCheck startup to aid in debugging: debug_info.txt 16) 8.0.2 - The MailBox window will no longer disruptively pop-up as the top window if a SimpleSend window is open. 17) 8.0.2 - When the SimpleSend window is opened the focus is now directed to the To: field. 18) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: A Reply done from the MailBox window now picks up "CC" addresses like the Message Preview window Reply does. 19) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: Saving a Message Preview to a file no longer leaves the message text highlighted. 20) 8.0.2 - Automatically copies the .scpf Profile file to a .scpf.BAK backup file at SimpleCheck startup in case of problems. 21) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: TNEF winmail.dat attachments will now Open correctly. 22) 8.0.2 - Bug Fix: Printing from SimpleSend now includes any Attachment file names. 23) 8.0.3 - Limited the Message Preview window header area to be no more than 25% of the window; added To & CC scroll bars, when needed. 24) 8.0.3 - Lightened the background color for SimpleSend Required Fields (E-Mail Address, To & Subject). 25) 8.0.3 - Renamed the Message Preview window to SimpleRead. 26) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: Printing from SimpleRead now includes any Attachment file names. 27) 8.0.3 - Printing from SimpleSend now includes a current Date/Time stamp line. 28) 8.0.3 - MailBoxes window no longer pops-up as the front window from an Auto-Check when no new mail messages are found. 29) 8.0.3 - When Auto-Check is in Progress the MailBox name being checked is shown at the bottom of the MailBoxes window. 30) 8.0.3 - Added a Make Folder button to Settings/Common/(Saved Messages & Quarantine Directory fields [...]). 31) 8.0.3 - Added a Double-Click Tooltip Balloon description when the cursor hovers over the SimpleSend BCC field. 32) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: MailBox window size changes are now reliably saved when the option is checked on the Common tab Settings page. 33) 8.0.3 - Big Fix: Restoring the minimized SimpleRead window no longer causes all message body text to be highlighted. 34) 8.0.3 - Replaced all Tool Bar buttons with large 32x32 pixel Icons in the SimpleSend, SimpleRead and MailBox windows. 35) 8.0.3 - The SimpleSend window can now be closed after sending by pressing the Enter key, depending on confirmation option settings. 36) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: Corrected the memory allocation and handling for Mailbox Signatures. 37) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: Signatures are now always properly associated with the selected MailBox being used in SimpleSend. 38) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: Signature Tool Bar button and Attach menu items are grayed-out when no signature is defined. 39) 8.0.3 - The SimpleCheck version number is now displayed in the upper right corner of the MailBox window. 40) 8.0.3 - Redesigned the Install/Setup program so that Auto-Update works properly for all supported Windows OS versions. 41) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: The Match Case option in Find now works properly when searching through a MailBox. 42) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: Highlighted information in Subject, To & CC header fields in SimpleRead can now be copied with a right-click. 43) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: SimpleSend will now allow text body editing for Reply or Forwarded messages that are more than 30,000 characters. 44) 8.0.3 - Added MailBox window Toolbar buttons for Settings and Saved Messages. 45) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: The Saved Messages window now works properly without getting a fatal error and sizes automatically. 46) 8.0.3 - Changed the Common Tab default selections to those found to be most useful and popular for new installations. 47) 8.0.3 - At startup SimpleCheck now notifies the user if the Auto-Update SC-Setup.exe file is defined but cannot be opened. 48) 8.0.3 - An E-Mail message Reply now automatically removes the senders address in the CC field of SimpleSend. 49) 8.0.3 - Bug Fix: The Notify Only Once option now works properly in all cases so that Sound Notifications will be played if defined. 50) 8.0.3a - Bug Fix: Redesigned the memory management code related to the Default and MailBox .wav files to prevent fatal errors. 51) 8.0.3a - Bug Fix: Pressing Cancel while reading a new message will no longer produce an Access Violation and abort. 52) 8.0.3a - Bug Fix: Auto-Update installs will now place appropriate files in the expected directories. 53) 8.0.3a - Added the ability to manage and Move an Active profile (.scpf file) to another Directory. 54) 8.0.3a - Default items in all context menus are now obvious by being listed with a Bold font. 55) 8.0.3a - The MailBox window is no longer refreshed unnecessarily unless a change is made to Settings or Profiles. 56) 8.0.3a - A Save button was added to the Profiles window so the current .scpf file data can be flushed to disk, if desired. 57) 8.0.3a - The Auto-Update Verify message window now indicates if the update is newer than the current version. 58) 8.0.3a - The SC Installation program now always updates SimpleCheck into the existing program folder. 59) 8.0.3a - The current MailBox is automatically selected and highlighted in the Source field for Settings/Filters tab. 60) 8.0.3a - Added a URL to the About window to Subscribe to the SimpleCheck-Updates Mailing List on SourceForge. 61) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: A change to the Recovery option selection is now saved when the window is Closed. 62) 8.0.4 - Doubled the size of buffers for the To, CC and BCC fields in SimnpleSend to 512 bytes each. 63) 8.0.4 - Installed a Build number mechanism to facilitate better Version Control during SimpleCheck development. 64) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: Stabilized and fully separated the SimpleRead and SimpleSend processes from each other. 65) 8.0.4 - SimpleSend will now insert the Signature in the message body wherever the cursor is placed. 66) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: The Check Mail Progress window Skip button now functions correctly and proceeds to the next MailBox. 67) 8.0.4 - New Major Feature: Create colored Virtual Folders with new Message Folder menu under any MailBox to organize messages. 68) 8.0.4 - A message can be placed into an existing MailBox Folder using the new Folder button in SimpleSend. 69) 8.0.4 - The currently selected MailBox in the left pane of the MailBox window is now Underlined and displayed in Bold font. 70) 8.0.4 - The MailBox Settings/Accounts window has a new Unhide option to show forgotten passwords if the User is an Administrator. 71) 8.0.4 - Renamed the Downloaded Messages feature to Message Cache to be more precise. 72) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: Whenever a MailBox is renamed the corresponding Message Cache folder is now also renamed to match. 73) 8.0.4 - The ascending/descending sort indicator in the MailBox window is now a Red up/down arrow to make it more visible. 74) 8.0.4 - The Profiles window has been renamed to: Profile Management. 75) 8.0.4 - There is now a convenient Save Profile menu item in the File menu list of the MailBox window. 76) 8.0.4 - A Refresh item has been added to the File menu of the MailBox window and can also be activated with the F5 key. 77) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: The Font selection feature on the Common Tab of Settings has been reworked and is now stable. 78) 8.0.4 - Bug Fix: Minimized MailBox window no longer steals the focus when new mail is found via Auto-Check. 79) 8.0.4 - SimpleRead now recognizes VCalendar GoToMeeting Invitations and presents a clickable link to join a meeting. 80) 8.0.4 - Reorganized and clarified the right-click context menus in the MailBox window. 81) 8.0.4 - Replaced the Printer module to update it from Windows 95 coding to contemporary Windows standards.
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-07-01