the real is finite; the irreal is infinite. The unreal is bigger than infinite. real is the physical; irreal is the possible. Unreal is the incoherent, useless, meaningless, insane..

all religions offend me, when someone tries to sell me their delusions. when someone say i can't have morals without religion. when someone doesn't hold others to their level just because of a iron age book. when they refuse to understand why faith is harmful. when they kill and hate for their imagenary gods. when they tell you, you need an invisible friend to "be complete", when they refuse to see the flaws in a book that condones murder, slavery, rape and genocide. when they actively choose not to live in reality over a delusion. when they make harmful laws that control everyone based on their religion, it's necessary for human survival to offend religion with reality


  • Strong and Crossreferences
  • Interlinear/Parallel
  • User content: Bible Shortcuts,Timelines,Tags,Crossreferences,Translations,Paraphrase Search Editor,Dialers,Topical Dictionaries,Advanced Searches,Themes, Lists and Forum Topics
  • Add Inline media to bible (Images, Videos, Links..)
  • Advanced search features included: (begins with, ends with, regex, these words, this order..)
  • Search Between verses, books and chapters
  • Multi Translation Editing AND/OR Translation Groups w/List Automated Translation Mechanism
  • Customize Colors, Strongs Displays .. and Settings
  • Quartarly User Copy From Database (Quality-checks)
  • All admins allowed to see code used in parsing (Know what drives the content is secure)
  • Stable Community Development (Github,Sourceforge,IRC-forum,Wiki,..)
  • Distribution/Promotions through Web-capable devices(Android-apps,..)
  • User Sharable Contents

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