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  • es un gran proyecto; existe alguna comunidad en español en la cual pueda inscribirme ACTUALMENTE, donde informarme y tener contactos?. gracias

  • As a data-hoarder this is very useful for trading random useless files with friends at 2:30 in the morning. What would I do without a 3rd copy of Dilbert3.avi? NOTE: friends not included.

  • H! Guys is somebody installed and tested RS on Microsoft Windows 10 ?

  • Long live RetroShare!

  • Good!

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  • Very good!

  • This peace of software is really GREAT! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Have I missed something? If this is to be the future as it surely should be where are it's Mobile cousins? I kept scrolling down for an Android or iOS version, I suspect the authors have signalled their intent with the title Retro. I feel lucky to be able to get it working on a laptop! I wonder if they would prefer that I use a green screen? I gave support 5 as I have no means of assessing I needed n/a

  • Great project. The GUI has some bugs and the compilation process is not straightforward, especially on modern platforms (e.g. OSX Mavericks)

  • A fantastic project, I just wish the development process was more open.

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  • So good! Can't go back! Keep making this software! It's bloody brilliant and the future for sure!

  • Great project, easily compiled, the whole key exchange processed might be explained in a bit more details, but otherwise everything great!

  • Works good, many features. VoIP practically broken, since it does not let you choose the recording device. No open development (as in easy accessible repository with pull requests or similar functions), no bugtracker. Latest zipball broken.

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  • So far working great. Will explore.

  • Exelente proyecto, muy util y funcional

  • Good soft

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Thanx for this wonderful project!!Really like it!

  • I want this project be successful and spread very fast and people know about it! It's great. I wish one day RetroShare would be a combination Facebook+Skype+uTOrrent+Live TV+Youtube+Internet Browser+PHP Forum+Mail+Chat+so on and on............ More beautiful GUI is expected, and that could be looked like browser type like website like interface.

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  • Excellent software. Many of my friends use it. Thank you!

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  • very cute.. combines a lot of features like dropbox, email and forums without central servers. using it as icq replacement and it works :-) dht stats are showing that more and more users are using retroshare

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  • Thumbs up!!!

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • very high level of security!

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  • Wonderful project.

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