RBounce resembles the Linux Kbounce game. Two or more balls move randomly on a board of 18x30 empty tiles. The goal is to enclose and fill empty areas by building walls around them. Wall ends grow till they reach the game boundary, or another wall, or meet a ball. If a ball strikes an active end, the wall stops growing at that end; if a ball strikes the side of an actively growing wall, both ends stop and the player loses a "life". Each round begins with as many lives as balls: 2 for Round 1, 3 for Round 2, and so on up to Round 15 (which no living mortal has yet reached). The goal for each round is to enclose and fill 75% of the board. Press F1 for a help message that describes the scoring formula and the effect of mouse clicks. When a game is running and the mouse pointer is within the playable area, a right-click switches between building a horizontal and vertical wall (the cursor shows which one); a left-click starts a wall building there, so long as no ball occupies that tile.

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