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Write instructions: - extract the IMG file from the downloaded ZIP file; - write the IMG to the Raspberry (micro-)SD card with Win32DiskImager (Windows) or dd (Linux, OS X) - SDHC class 10 recommended. Make use of a (micro-)SD to USB key adapter; - plug the (micro-)SD card into the R-Pi and reboot the R-Pi. Please note that it is not rare that the latest build of Windows 10 (Creators Update) gives permission/write errors when dealing with USB keys. Don't worry, it's just Windows: retry until success. Complete write instructions at: FAQ: In order to stay tuned with operating system's updates, please subscribe to Binary Emotions Blog RSS feed, __ Donation: If you like this project please donate on Why donate: [license] you can deploy RDS how many times you need and on how many devices you wish; [system] SSH remote management (see F.A.Q.); [system] admin password (with password management), which protects the modify of the operating system settings at boot in the admin interface; [system] screen resolution settings; [system] screen rotation (normal, inverted, left, right); [web-view] no screen blanking active on system; [web-view] persist Chrome components/settings permanently; [web-view] optional browser full reset after a specified user inactivity; [web-view] optional force web content reloading after a specified time; [web-view] automatic system shut down at scheduled hour; [web-view] customizable HTTP proxy settings; [web-view] VNC server available.
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