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Rapid for Linux using Glade GUI widgets 2010-01-05
Rapid for MSDOS and MSwindowsXP,98 2010-01-04
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Rapid for Linux using old GUI ver 5.40 2014-01-12 717.2 kB
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I think the only version working in Linux is the "old GUI" RAPID. The best version was based on Glade GTK-1. I have not tested it in years. I tried it on my newest Linux machine and it does not work. It said libpng is missing. I just tested the "old GUI" version of RAPID dated 2002. I discovered the arrow keys did not work. I fixed that version Jan 2014 and I call it version 5.40. I added two graphs to get you started, instead of no data to try. Glade-3 program builder changed in 2005 and so it is not easy for me to fix that version of RAPID. So you are probably stuck with a working, but somewhat old looking , RAPID called "old GUI". Download that one if the glade one fails. Old GUI works. I added some new display resolutions, too. I can't imagine anybody wants the MSDOS/MSwindows version. It probably works. All three files are available for download on this page. Try all three before giving up. This will install the Linux versions: cd;tar xvzpf rapid.tar.gz or cd;tar xvzpf rapid602.tar.gz and then run Rapid from a xterm with this, or point an icon at it or put it in your menu. cd rapid ./xrapid
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