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quizzy contains releases of the quizzy PHP library. This is what you need if you want to put a quiz on your site. In there you will find two versions: quizzy-1.0 and quizzy-2.0b1. quizzy-1.0 is the safe bet for browser compatibility. Many bugs have been ironed out and it should always look good on your visitors' screen (if they have JavaScript enabled). quizzy-2.0b1 is the latest and greatest version of quizzy. It has new features like checkbox and text-input based questions and no longer requires JavaScript to work. It hasn't been tested as much as quizzy-1.0, though, so it may appear more broken on some visitors' screens. Please try this version and report all bugs to the tracker! quizzyBuilder contains releases of the PHP-based tool to make quizzy quiz files. Unless you want to run a copy on your own server for some reason, you probably don't want this. quizzyBuilder is better accessed at It is included here because it too is open source software.
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