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Quizzy 1.0 release and 2.0 on the way

I just uploaded what I'm going to call quizzy 1.0 which is not much different from quizzy 0.9.2 except for a security fix.

But I would like to take this time to announce that Quizzy 2.0 beta is in the git repository under the branch called 'refactoring'. A few of the new features:
* Easier to read code
* Fewer files to add to your server
* Radio, Checkbox, and Input based questions
* and many others.
2.0 will probably be released some time next week after I've had the chance to test it a bit more so stay tuned! But if you can't wait, go clone the git repo!

Posted by Joe B. 2011-02-04

Update on the way

I've recently began working quizzy again.

I'm essentially working to address the code readability issue I had with this project's initial release. It worked, but the code was pretty hard to understand at places. I learned PHP and jQuery working on this project which is why the code looks so awful at places.

This will probably become a proper 1.0 release with few if any added features. It'll likely include support for pick-all-that-apply type questions using checkboxes though.... read more

Posted by Joe B. 2010-11-04