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QuArK_v630_update3b.ZIP 2003-04-04 159.2 kB 0
QuArK_v630_update3.ZIP 2003-03-28 159.2 kB 0
QuArK_v630_update1.ZIP 2003-02-04 28.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
QuArK_v6.3.0.EXE 2003-01-16 2.4 MB 55 weekly downloads
QuArK_v63e_update6.ZIP 2003-01-15 940.4 kB 0
QuArK_v6.3d.EXE 2002-12-24 2.4 MB 0
quark_v63c_update.zip 2002-10-11 198.9 kB 0
QuArK_v63c_MohaaSoF2.ZIP 2002-06-19 977.8 kB 0
QuArK_v6.3c.EXE 2002-06-16 2.4 MB 0
quark_v63b_update.zip 2002-06-15 97.2 kB 0
sof2mohaa_63_patch.zip 2002-06-09 912.6 kB 0
quark_v63_mohaa_patch.zip 2002-06-08 62.9 kB 0
quark_v6.3b.exe 2002-06-07 2.3 MB 0
quark_v6.3a.exe 2002-06-04 2.3 MB 0
quark_v6.3_rc2.zip 2002-05-24 2.2 MB 0
quark_v6.3_rc1_exepatch.zip 2002-05-23 846.2 kB 0
quark_v6.3_rc1_patch3.zip 2002-05-21 426.6 kB 0
quark_v6.3_rc1_patch2.zip 2002-05-21 430.4 kB 0
quark_v6.3_rc1_patch1.zip 2002-05-19 140.1 kB 0
readme_6.3.txt 2002-05-16 16.7 kB 0
quark_v6.3_rc1.zip 2002-05-16 2.2 MB 0
quark63_snap2002ap29_patch4.zip 2002-05-09 966.9 kB 0
quark63_snap2002ap29_patch3.zip 2002-05-07 966.1 kB 0
quark63_snap2002ap29_patch2.zip 2002-05-04 915.4 kB 0
quark63_snap2002ap29_patch1.zip 2002-05-01 71.1 kB 0
quark63_snap2002ap29.zip 2002-04-29 2.2 MB 0
quark63_pre_rc1.zip 2002-04-26 2.2 MB 0
QuArK63_nutex3.zip 2002-04-25 842.7 kB 0
quark63_snap2002mar28_patch1.zip 2002-04-01 37.3 kB 0
quark63_snap2002mar28.zip 2002-03-27 2.2 MB 0
quark63_snap2002feb28_to_mar28patch.zip 2002-03-27 875.5 kB 0
quark63_snap2002mar27.zip 2002-03-26 2.8 MB 0
quark63_snap2002feb28_to_mar27patch.zip 2002-03-26 859.7 kB 0
quark63_snap2002feb28_patch1.zip 2002-03-05 11.5 kB 0
quark63_snap2002feb28.zip 2002-02-27 2.2 MB 0
quark63_snap2002jan06.zip 2002-02-05 2.3 MB 0
Quark63_snap080601_patch4.zip 2001-10-08 248.9 kB 0
Quark63_snap080601_patch3.zip 2001-09-26 245.1 kB 0
Quark63_snap080601_patch2.zip 2001-08-28 215.4 kB 0
Quark63_snap080601_patch1.zip 2001-08-07 41.3 kB 0
Quark63_snap080601.zip 2001-08-06 2.1 MB 0
Quark63_snap070901_patch4.zip 2001-08-02 929.5 kB 0
Quark63_snap070901_patch3.zip 2001-07-26 906.4 kB 0
Quark63_snap070901_patch2.zip 2001-07-23 893.3 kB 0
Quark63_snap070901_patch1.zip 2001-07-19 885.4 kB 0
Quark63_snap070901.zip 2001-07-09 2.1 MB 0
Quark63_snap061801.zip 2001-06-18 2.1 MB 0
Quark63_snap052101_patch2.zip 2001-05-29 83.6 kB 0
Quark63_snap052101_patch1.zip 2001-05-27 77.5 kB 0
Quark63_snap052101.zip 2001-05-21 1.8 MB 0
Quark63_snap050701_patch5.zip 2001-05-19 112.5 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701_patch4.zip 2001-05-13 112.3 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701_patch3.zip 2001-05-10 55.2 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701_newexe.zip 2001-05-10 811.7 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701_patch2.zip 2001-05-08 13.5 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701_patch1.zip 2001-05-08 8.8 kB 0
readme.txt 2001-05-07 2.9 kB 0
Quark63_snap050701.zip 2001-05-07 2.0 MB 0
QuArK_6.3snap050701.zip 2001-05-07 18.9 kB 0
QuArK_6.3snap050701-Setup.exe 2001-05-07 2.1 MB 0
Quark62_to_63snap042001.exe 2001-04-22 755.3 kB 0
QuArK_v6.3_texfix1.zip 2001-04-02 1.4 MB 0
Totals: 62 Items   61.1 MB 6
QuArK 6.3 Release Candidate 1 * [tiglari] Replace texture dialog: if just a face is selected, its texture is now loaded into dialog (bug report from fpbrowser) * [tiglari] some Valve 220 map reading errors now recorded in the console (bad texture scale info) * [tiglari] Bezier patches selectable from back as well as front * [tiglari] Bilinear filtering option for textures in OpenGL view (supported by a lot of code cleanup by Decker and Andy) * [tiglari] Configurable 'Aux Keys' held down to select brushes, faces, curves and entities * [tiglari] 'frozen selection': Shift-LMB like Radiant select, selection doesn't change until another frozen selection is made, selection is changed in tree-view, or deselected with ESC or Unfreeze selection * [tiglari] Mohaa map reading implemented, various map writing bugs fixed * [nurail] JKII light path entities corrected * [nurail] error involving line 447 mapquakemenu hopefully fixed * [rtdtheprof] torque maps read correctly * [tiglari] Mohaa maps should now be written correctly (not read, yet). * [tiglari] mirror duplicators are supposed to work now. This is really a fix to new texture positioning scheme, the underlying problem might have been having other repercussions. * [tiglari] fix errors on opening map editor (for some people, not me, for reasons which I don't understand at all) * [tiglari] basic Mohaa maps now compile and run. Texture flags don't work yet but. Another peculiar feature of Mohaa is that the maps are written into the main directory, since the engine seems to have trouble with tmpquark. This may change. QuArK Snapshot of 2002ap29 * [Decker, tiglari] improved RTCW support * [tiglari] fix bug in brush primitives writing * [Decker] start Mohaa support * [Andy] start JKII support * [Rowdy] make it compile in Delphi 6 * [tiglari] On search menu, 'find bad tex scale' item that locates faces with axes almost parallel or too small (the settable parameters; I'm open to suggestion as to what the default values should actually be). * [tiglari] `Move containing' item on the vertex RMB that moves the parent item selected from the submenu so that the vertex becomes on-grid * [tiglari] Better F1 help for the 'texture wrap multiplier' menu item on the face RMB|Textures submenu * [tiglari] fix groups hidden/greyed icon change (report by off_by_two) * [tiglari] change map-writing system so that format is specified in game config rather than Map|Option flags. This snapshot is distributed also as a patch that can be overwritten on the 2002feb28 snapshot. QuArK Snapshot of 2002feb28 * [Andy] .md3 skins can hopefully be loaded from paths with forward slashes * [Decker/tiglari] a memory leak involving the display of textures in the multi-pages panel has hopefully been fixed * [tiglari] memory-use tracker. To use it, first check Developer mode in the options menu, then restart QuArk. On the command menu will appear an item 'heapstatus', click it to get a display of how much memory has been allocated, and on a second click, how much this has changed. The undo stack seems to consume about 1500 bytes for a simple brush move; I set this to 0 for leak hunting. QuArK Snapshot of 2002feb24 * [Decker] Added some Medal of Honor:Allied Assault support. Not much, as the buildtools for maps (.BSP files and such) have not yet been released, nor have entity-describtions. * [Decker] The buildtools-setup for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now configured for GTKRadiant's Q3MAP.EXE program. * [Andy/Decker] Added .PNG images file support, though only 8-bits/paletted images shown in QuArK's texture-browser. This means that any 24-bits .PNG images will not show correctly in QuArK. (Programmers note: Duplicated ZLib code. Should try to only use source\components\zip, and eliminate the need for source\components\PNGZlib.PAS and source\components\*.OBJ) * [Andy/Decker] Added Tribes 2 .VL2 and .CS-script files support. Note that .VL2 files are actually .ZIP files, just like .PK3 files are, so if you're not happy with the way QuArK handles .VL2 files, you can use WinZIP or any other ZIP-utility. And .CS files are just plain text-files, so use your favorite "NotePad"- editor. QuArK Snapshot of 2002jan06 * [Decker] Added Return to Castle Wolfenstein game-support, though the buildtools-setup for RTCW isn't configured properly yet. * [Decker] Maybe fixed the problem, of endlessly occuring dialog- boxes, which asked if QuArK should save modified files now. Usually this happened, when using the "Create new texture-links" in the Texture Browser, and just continued to work within QuArK. (See revision 1.29 of Qk1.PAS) Patch2 to O80601 Snapshot * 'hlradfilemaker' duplicator plugin. * 'symxyz' duplicator with toggleable axes. * 'Adjust Angles Automatically' Menu Option and 'Auto-Adjust Normal' Map option renamed to `Quantize angles' * usercenters now transform with containing groups under linear mapping * Q3A CDROM config now works. * fix bugs in snap object (separation, when selected or tagged face is horizontal) * refurbish slide poly etc plugin; now works wrt tagged plane as well as tagged edge * Some Half-Life config fixes (see DataHL.qrk changelog) Patch1 to 080601 Snaphsot * reset texture cycle command, so that the texture cycle files can be edited, and results seen in the same editing session *'snap object to tagged' menu item: if a face is tagged, select a face, then a parental object from the menu, then 'snap object to tagged'. Object will move and rotate that selected face is oriented parallel to tagged one, with specified separation. QuArK Snapshot of 080601 Changes from 070901: *Multiple selection list browser: when there is a multiple selection, menu-items and a hotkey are activated to list the selected items in a dialog, from which the members can be further selected. *Texture substitution cycle for standard duplicators (basic, linear): give the specific tex_sub the name of a file such as texcycle.txt. The file should have a list of texture names on each line, whitespace- separated, e.g.: gothic_block/block10d gothic_block/blocks10 *clear mark command. *threepoint plane can now glue to tagged plane *BSP Support: - all bsp's viewed except for Sin (patches omitted from Q3A/STVEF) - entity lumps now edit correctly (comments no longer mis-written into them) - bsp exploration facilities: due to less memory use & chance of accidental save. Command menu items for collecting nodes & planes; these appear in the treeview. Large maps can't show all the planes in the treeview. When asked whether to save changes, don't. There are also some facilities for finding planes that lie near others: first you get ones that have close neighbors, then you can collect those neighbors, then browse the group (including opening the nodes to find the nodes split by a given plane). *Blue Shift pak's now open *Crystal Space Support: beziers & new build tool for Crystal Space support *6DX support: -Start room removed for 6DX - *.hmf file support added for 6dx, map checks disabled. 6dx default map needs textures added to it (in data6dx.qrk) QuArK Snapshot 070901 Changes from 081801 *Preliminary 6DX support *Cleanup of Crystal Space Support *arg replacer added to duplicator list (see infobase for usage) *some extruder bugs fixed *path dup texture bug fixed *'elbows' for path dup reinstated and tested (made elbow segs by putting path dup template copy into elbow template & glueing and pasting do dissociated path dup; didn't leak) *texture browser search bug fixed QuArK Snapshot 061801 Changes from 052101 4 Users: *texture search button in texture browser *storeable 3d camera positions - add them on the 3d view eye handles & background RMB menus - they appear in the map and treeview like duplicators, can be dragged, deleted, etc like ordinary map objects - set and store view menu items on their RMB - if multiple views are open, these commands use the last 3d view clicked on (usually, doesn't quite always seem to work, dunno why) - cycle the ones in a group with prev/next + 'C' depressed (should be made user-configurable) - find camera positions dialog on search menu *extruder 'revert to duplicator' now imports texture changes back to duplicator, so you can texture at least the first segment of the extruder by dissociating images, then change shape by revert to duplicator. Hopefully useful when 1-segment extruder is put into path duplicator. *group selection movement commands (swap & align, suggested by Alan Donald and quantum_red) *due north path duplicator bug fixed *menu promotion/demotion added to the basic distribution *incrementable specifics added to basic, linear, symx/y/z and Copy/New Copy One duplicators. - If 'increment' specific is checked, then target, targetname and killtarget specifics ending in a string of digits have the digid string incremented in the sequence. - if 'incr. all targ. specific is checked, all specifics whose name contains 'target' get incremented. - any specifics listed in 'incrementable; are also incremented. - if 'final_target' has a value, this is used as the 'target' value in the last image. Likewise for 'final_killtarget' etc. - if 'increment by' has a value, then this is used as the increment, rather than 1. This can be used to use increments with nested duplicators, if the outer one increments by 10 and the inner by 1, you can have an Nx9 grid,etc. - if 'incre_lip' has a value, then that value is used to increment the 'lip' speciric, likewise incre_<spec> for any other choice of <spec>. - for (New) Copy One, each duplictor needs a different 'increment by' value (otherwise crosstalk). Limitation: Doesn't work for symxy and Radial duplicators (yet; if you want it to, holler). *corrections to the 'vertex movement' plugin (this is still basically experimental) *new 3 point plane stuff: a) introduce one from New Map Items|tools, drag the handles around and tag it, the glue, cut etc. b) use tag plane command after tagging an edge Under the hood: *entity conversion (fgd->qrk) tools pythonified *'Code Code' specific for toolbarbuttons (tbbtn) and the python buttons (Typ="P" only). Example for tbbtn: search1:tbbtn = { Typ = "P" Cap = "Search" Code = "import plugins.tex_search; plugins.tex_search.openbox()" } GetEntitiesBtn: = { Typ = "P" Cap = "Get entities for this game" Code = "import quarkx; quarkx.beep()" } will execute the python string in the Code specifics. 63 Snapshot 052101 Changes from 050701: *Bsp opening bug in 050701 fixed *Map writing altered for brush primitives, Valve mapversion 220, and 'No TX comments' mode so that if integral or almost integral vertexes for a face are found, they are used as its threepoints. This enables better export of maps to editors and tools that don't support fp coordinates. *'thin face' finder added (similar to microbrush h/k); detect & remove suspiciously thin faces. *when an 'out' duplicator is dissociated, all other 'out' dups in its immediate group are dissociated also *caulk of hidden faces added to brush curves & extruder (default tex used for games w/o a caulk texture) *wrong shape for non-inner non-inverse cap/bevels fixed (missing faces added) *'linear' (matrix) specific editor. try out with New Copy One duplicator, push button to call up editing dialog. *matrix2 support changed to linear in radial dup. *rotate/scale specifics removed from linearform *linear duplicators changed to so that by default, mappings apply around 'usercenter' of each item in their group, rather than duplicator location -- group | ---- linear duplicator | ----- group: if this group has a usercenter, | and the dup has a linear specific, | the mapping will apply with the | usercenter as fixed point | ------group: ditto for this one (each around its own center, seems wierd but features of the code make it tricky to do otherwise). old behavior can be restored by unchecking 'item center'. *support for the commercial counterstrike/hl expansion. *Hollowmaker/Wallmaker bug fixed *debug writing 'left' to console bug fixed Changes from Snapshot 042801 *Dragging on RMB blocked. If anyone wants it back, an option could be provided. *instance duplicator removed from toolbox, pushing 'instance' drops it into path dup, where it dumps things at the path points. linear stuff removed from path point forms, prolly not useful New Copy One does that stuff better. *extruder functionality extended. RMB menu has items for punching holes in things (e.g. putting a pipe thru a wall w/o overlap). After 'dissociate images', RMB on the resulting group has an 'Extruder Stuff' submenu with the hole-punching, some texturing stuff that doesn't work right, and a 'revert' that restores the duplicator. *New Copy One duplicator, implementing ideas of Rolf Hulsbergen (better than Instance Dup, for many purposes): drop NCO into group like ordinary duplicator , drag image away with handle, use scale\ & rotation fields to rotate around dup location. *rotation specific for linear & other dups changed to Typ E, so that rotation handles will work. *wrap texture from tagged works for parallel faces *wrap texture hotkey works. *forms creation added to forms editor *stvef maps now readable (no more reversion to Q3A mode, if in STVEF mode) Changes from Snapshot 042001: *RMB Menus for the Texture L handles: (tiglari) glue/align to tagged. *Reimplementation of addon builder: (Andy) still crashes on missionpack, this can be avoided by extracting the .bsp's & temporarily giving the .pk3 a different extension. *Selection menu: (tiglari, major Decker design input) change selection to Parent, Next, Previous in group. (no 'type' selections yet) *Reorganize/Navigate tree added to bezier RMB *having 'F' depressed with LMB will now select a face of current poly, rather than next poly. Changes from 6.2: *Customizable hot keys: (tiglari) Perhaps more hot keys should be added. Which ones? *Custom Centers for groups: (tiglari) various linear matrix operations (rotations etc) will use these if present *'scale' and 'rotation' specifics: (tiglari) for Linear & some other duplicators. Does the work of 'linear' but more perspicuously. *Extuder: (tiglari) Makes solid & hollow pipes from 2d outline. Put into path duplicator to extrude along path. *Instance Duplicator: (tiglari) For lots of copies in various places, idependent scale & rotation. *Entity Extractor: (Andy) I see some problem, not sure if I'm using it right. *Merge Polys in Group: (tiglari) Mergeable polys in a group are merged. Not guaranteed optimal.
Source: readme_6.3.txt, updated 2002-05-16

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