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  • Thanks for the great software! Tell me, what is the root password in the live dvd version?

  • I could not live without this project! Being able to easily make copies of partitions and then restore them allows me to keep a stable of custom distros to put on any machine. Being able to do a live backup and to make "images" when only a small part of a partition is being used or I need to restore to a larger partition is a godsend. This is a uber geek necessary gui tool, fsarchiver command line on steroids. It's pretty intuitive and I have never needed support or had an issue. I would rate Dieter's "design" higher if he would have someone proof his English version as he has a few potentially confusing grammatical mistakes like "the partition is restored" when he means "restoring the partition" and "Stored partitions" button which should be "Save a partition". Once you like it use his ppa qt5-fsarchiver-64-bit to keep it up to date.

  • Great enough to be a must have.

  • Excellent idea but lacks with some problems. CONS: 1) Imaging a partition worked fine but cloning a drive to an image file showed errors and never worked. 2) Nautilus doesn't easily let you type in a network location would rather have thunar 3) Some applications are in German especially a problem when you want to do more than clone 4) It boots with a UK keyboard and takes some time to switch over to US PROS: 1) Fast 2) Nice GUI with the front end for the fsarchiver cloning app I hope the issues get fixed then I would love this live CD

  • Gotten to work or have contributed ebuilds to Gentoo/Sabayon to run etc. Also contributed some translations , anyhow want it in your own language you can do so hear, its light weight and is easy to incorporate into many live distros hosted. weblate. org /projects/qt4-fsarchiver/