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  • Great project but needs a wheel distribution for version 220+ and compatibility with python 2.7 and 3.5. Is it possible to create those wheel binaries ourselves?

  • what happened to the wheel distribution?? It was provided at 219 but not at 220. We need a wheel not an exe

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  • Hi All, I have a question about the functionning of API under Windows 10. Does de API runs under Windows 10 because ? I have some trouble for using WDNetConnection2 that return error 53, but under Windows 7 and 8.1 it runs perfectly. Thanks

  • getting below error Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files\Python35\Lib\site-packages\pywin32-220-py3.5-win-amd64.egg\win32com\", line 82, in <module> SetupEnvironment() File "C:\Program Files\Python35\Lib\site-packages\pywin32-220-py3.5-win-amd64.egg\win32com\", line 47, in SetupEnvironment __path__.append( win32api.GetFullPathName( __path__[0] + "\\..\\win32comext") ) NameError: name '__path__' is not defined what could be the reason python version is 3.5

  • Python 3.6 distribution isn't recognized by the installer. With Python 3.5 works well.

  • thanks for your work!

  • PythonWin is best interactive place for Windows that I know. Fantastic product for that alone.

  • WTF where are the files

  • this is a wonderful work!

  • works (tested with Win 7 / Python 3.5.1 64 bit /

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  • Ok.

  • I can't even import it.

  • no docs no stars

  • I honestly haven't tried it at all so I'm just giving it the most common rating. But I wanted to add a little to what fumitoh mentioned in his review. I have Python 3.5, and like fumitoh, when I tried installing it, there was apparently no recognition that I had installed the corresponding version of Python. I did the same thing fumitoh did, changed 3.5-32 to 3.5 then installed the returned 3.5 to 3.5-32, but my registry location was different: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\3.5-32

  • Good job

  • I had trouble when I installed pywin32-219.win32-py3.5 on my Surface 3 with Windows 10. I use Python 3.5.0 (32 bit) so the installer was the right one. When I ran the installer, it said it could not find Python 3.5 in the registry. The installer did not show any Python installation to choose from. Luckily I found how to deal with it. When I looked into the registry, the registry key was: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Python\PythonCore\3.5-32 I renamed the last key from 3.5-32 to 3.5, and ran the installer again, then it worked. After installing it, I renamed the key back to 3.5-32 (When I installed Python 3.5, I chose 'install for all users'. The registry key may not be the same as above with the 'install for the current user' option) Hope this helps those who are having the same trouble.

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  • Does this work in Windows 10? I'm in windows 10 now. The binary installer won't even run. There is infinite waiting for nothing.

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  • Excellent! Indispensable for Python programming on Windows. Thank you.

  • 3-stars until I get it working... During installation, I get a 'Cannot Install' message with 'Python version 3.5 required...' I've got Enthought's Canopy installed which uses Python 2.7.6...Do I need to download/install Python 3.5 to get PyWin32 working, and if so, will that mess up my Canopy installation? (If you haven't guessed, I'm pretty new tot he Python scene) :) Steve

  • Can someone help me to solve the following code: I am trying to reterive the cells which are strikethrough and not strikethrough. But the below code shows all cells are 'not strikedthrough' return FALSE. But there are certain cells which are strikethrough in the Excelsheet. For those cells i want to see the corresponding results of TRUE. import win32com.client as win32 excel = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Excel.Application') wb = excel.Workbooks.Open('C:/sample.xlsx') ws = wb.Worksheets("Sheet1") for j in range (3,5): for i in range (1,10): print ws.Cells(j,i).Value, ws.Cells(j,i).Font.Strikethrough excel.Application.Quit()

  • Great project.

  • This is probably a temporary issue, I have installed this with ARCGIS 10.2 and run it with some ARC training data. The training script failed. The outcome was I could no longer start arcmap ( now sorted) and I still cannot open the python window and arc toolbox( dependant on python.acess ) So if you are an ARCUser take care and check before installing.

  • I can't download anything but the readme file, error 500 on sourceforge when browse files

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  • Dear KB, Pywin32 is an auxiliary extension program and requires <python release for windows> which could be downloaded from Please try un-install pywin32 and installing <python release for windows> first. If it works well, and if you need the auxiliary functionalities of pywin32, then try re-install pywin32. (when in doubt, please note that a 32 bit program should run okay on a 64 bit system). Thank you.

  • i tried to install it but whenever i try, "the windows has stopped working". It works fine till it shows the installation directory and python directory. And when I press "Next", it starts giving problems. Any help?

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