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A pythonic interface to MATLAB

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This package lets Python users interface and communicate with MATLAB from
Python. Pymatlab makes it easier for users to integrate a project with a large
MATLAB codebase into python scripts by using MATLAB scripts as a part of the
python program.

The basic functionality of this package is to send data from Python to MATLAB's
workspace to be able to run Matlab function on the data. After processing you
retrieve back data to python. This enables you to process data with Mathlab's
built in functions, toolboxes or Matlab-scripts. It is also possible to use
MATLAB's to generate plots or other graphics.

The package uses Numpy's ndarrays and translates them into MATLAB's mxarrays
using Python's ctypes and Matlab's mx library. The interface to MATLAB's
workspace in done through MATLAB's engine library.

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  • Transfer numpy.arrays to MATLAB's workspace
  • Get data from MATLAB's workspace into a numpy array.
  • Run MATLAB code from a python.


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  • markovg
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    "Pythonic MATLAB!": PyMATLAB allows quick and automatic wrapping of MATLAB toolboxes for Python (use case: PyTreesTB, This is made possible by exposing the MATLAB namespace as session class attributes, performing automatic translation between MATLAB and Python datatypes upon assignment and lookup (including exotic ones like sparse matrices and structs and cell-arrays), and providing seamless Python proxies to MATLAB functions, callable as if they were in MATLAB (argument translation is also automatic).

    Posted 09/26/2010
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Advanced End Users, Developers

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MATLAB, Python


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