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PySort for Windows ------------------ Author: Eugene de Beste (aka Banshee1221) E-mail: Banshee1221@gmail.com Requirements: Theoretically any Windows OS should work from XP upwards. Version: 0.5b Apology ======= I am deeply sorry for the recent bugs with my application. I do not always have the time to test it before I upload it and do not test it fully when I do, but since no one contacts me about problems that occur I do not notice them. I believe I have fixed up most of them and it should work properly now. Again, my most sincere apologies! Intro ===== First off, thank you for taking the time to download and try this application. This is still in beta and if you find any problems or have any suggestions on how I could improve the product, please feel free to mail them to banshee1221@gmail.com I will try my utmost to keep the product updated to suit the needs of the people using it. Description =========== PySort for Windows is an application that is meant to make the lives of people a bit easier by taking away the need for them to manually keep their files in order. It is aimed at any person, from the average user that saves all his/her files to the desktop (like myself) to professionals that just need a messy folder sorted quickly. Installation ============ 1) Run the setup executable. - This is normally named "PySort Setup <version number>.exe" 2) Press the "Next" button to select the directory you want to install the program to. - "C:\Program Files\PySort" is default. 3) Press next to select the shortcut directory of the application. - "PySort" is default. Here you can also select to install the shorcuts for all users or only for the current user. 4) The following screen shows the summary of install settings, press "Next" to install, or "Back" if you want to change any settings. Using the App ============= PySort is quite simple to use. The GUI (graphic user interface) gives you 3 options: 1] "Change" Directory - This option allows you to select the directory you want to sort. ***DO NOT SELECT IMPORTANT FOLDERS LIKE SYSTEM FOLDERS OR ANY INSTALLED APPLICATION'S FOLDERS*** 2] "SORT" - This option you use once you have selected the folder to sort using "Change Directory". 3] "Exit" - This is used to quit the application.
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