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README-NG.txt v3_2b5 This is the new release of ImageProcessorPro and can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ps-scripts/files/Image%20Processor%20Pro/ Package Installation The Installation.pdf file has the instructions for manual or automatic installation. This version is compatible with Photoshop versions CS5 through CC2015. Thanks to Adobe for the localization support for de, fr, and jp. I definitely could not have done it on my own. FLAGS There are a set of flags that be set in the Image Processor Pro.jsx file that can be used to tweak its behaviour. They are described later in this file. TODO / OUTSTANDING ISSUES - Finish localization including UI tweaks. CHANGES ---------------------------- v3.2b5 ---------------------------------- - Now supported on OS X with PSCC2015.1.2. Previous versions of PSCC2015.1.2 are not supported as I cannot run those revs on my Mac. - Added DATE_FORMAT flag that can be modified in the IPP script to specify whether the file-current, file-modified, or current date when file naming with a date format specified. - Fixed places in Installation.pdf where "3 files/folders" should be "4 files/folders" to accomodate the new localization folder "Image Processor Pro" - IPP will now automatically append the file extension if 'extension' or 'EXTENSION' are not defined in the File Naming panel. ---------------------------- v3.2b4 ---------------------------------- - Added localization support for de, fr, and jp with "Image Processor Pro" folder. - Added KILL_IPP flag that stop image processing when a file called "kill.ipp" appears on the desktop. The reason for this is to stop IPP when the Cancel button and the ESC key do not stop image processing. The name of the file can be changed with the KILL_IPP_NAME flag. This is experimental for now. - Added KEEP_ALIVE flag that will reopen/rebuild the IPP dialog after processing a set of images. This is experimental for now. - Fixed 'Use &Open Images' menu item. - Fixed issue where TIFF images were not getting flattened when requested. - Fixed issue where SfW PNG files were not retaining their transparency - Added support for 8 bit SfW PNG files. In this rev, there is a PNG8 flag that must be set to true to enable 8 bit mode. In a future rev, a Bit Depth checkbox will be added to the UI. See below for notes on the PNG8 flag. ---------------------------- v3.2b3 ---------------------------------- - Fixed problem when saving as 8 bit with some file types. - Updated installation instructions in Installation.pdf - Fixed UI layout issues for CC2015 - Added more localization support - Added support for Untagged RGB output color profile. By default, the document is converted to RGB and is converted to the sRGB profile since it is common for apps to interpret untagged images as sRGB. - Added additional interpolation resampling methods depending on the PS version. CS6 gets Bicubic Automatic, CC and greater has Automatic and Preserve Details added. - Added work-around for File Type refresh problem for CC2015/OSX by forcing the entire window to refresh. This makes things kind of blinky, but it works. ---------------------------- v3.2b2 ---------------------------------- - Fixed Save in Same Location/Choose... radio buttons. - Miscellaneous UI issues have been addressed. ---------------------------- v3.2b1 ---------------------------------- - The Image Source panel has been completely redesigned. Where there once was buttons there now is a drop down menu. - Port to CC2015, mostly fine tuning the UI layout - ImageProcessorOptions.USE_PROGRESS_BAR now controls both the startup and processing progress bar palettes. ---------------------------- v3.0.1 ---------------------------------- - Removed 'Cancel' button on startup progress window. It didn't work and would require some gymnastic coding to implement usefully. - Added 'BatchMode' flag for calling IPP script from other scripts. See demo script RunIPP.jsx for more details. - Fixed window title to reflect correct script version - Tweaked text in log file for readability - Changed behaviour of 'Selection from Bridge' to match behaviour in Contact Sheet II. If Bridge is running and no files are currently selected, all image files in the current folder in Bridge will be processed. The number of files to be processed is now present in the UI. - Added Progress Bar. This is enabled with the flag ImageProcessorOptions.USE_PROGRESS_BAR. The default is true. - Added the ImageProcessorOptions.PROCESS_UNSAVED_IMAGES flag to permit processing unsaved images. The default is false. You must edit the script to enable this functionality. - Fixed JPG Format Progressive bug. The number of scans was not being set. The variable FileSaveOptions.DefaultJPGScans can be modifed to change it from the default value of 3. - Fixed for situations where there are no Action Sets or no Actions in the selected Action Set. ---------------------------- v3.0 ---------------------------------- - Added 'Selection From Bridge' and 'Current Image' to Input Panel. - Added 'Same as Source' to the File Type menu. When this is selected each output file will be saved using the file type of the source file. - A new check box, 'Keep Original File', was added to Step 2 in the UI. It is accessible when 'Save in Same Location' is checked and Save in Subfolder' is unchecked. In this situation, if you uncheck 'Keep Original File' the script will overwrite the original files. - A new check box, 'Preserve filename in XMP Metadata' has been added to Step 4 in the UI. If this is checked, the original name of the file is saved with the property name 'PreservedFileName' in the XMP Media Management Properties section of the new files XMP Metadata. - A new flag ImageProcessorOptions.OVERWRITE_TARGET_FILES has been added to the script. When set to true IPP will always overwrite target files unless 'Save In Same Location' and 'Keep Original File' are checked. The default is false. You must edit the file with a text editor to change this flag. I may eventually work this into the UI. - Fixed bug that prevented IPP from being called via executeAction in another script. A sample script illustrating this will be provided in the future. - Fixed bug that prevented 32 bit images from being saved to png files. - Fixed problem retaining transparency in .tga file. - A number of other bugs were fixed, especially in the BMP and TGA save panels. - Put back the ability to call Image Processor Pro from Bridge. - Fixed Selection From Bridge bug where the files were not be saved to the correct folder. FLAGS DOCUMENTATION // JDI aka "Just Do It" // Set this to true to have Image Processor make best attempt // efforts at coercing the document into a state that will // allow it to be saved as indicated. This is a best-effort // attempt is not a guarantee ImageProcessorOptions.JDI = true; // RETAIN_EXTENSION_CASE // This rather esoteric setting will permit the case of the extension // to be retained when // - the source file extension is the same as the output file extension // - the underlying file system is truly case sensitive // ImageProcessorOptions.RETAIN_EXTENSION_CASE = false; // // LEGACY_RESIZE // In 1-2-3 Process, if only one dimension is specified in the UI, it is // is also used for the other dimension. Setting the option to true // will retain that behaviour. If set to false, the image will resize // so that the image has the width or height specified. // ImageProcessorOptions.LEGACY_RESIZE = false; // // OVERWRITE_TARGET_FILES // This will always overwrite target files unless 'Save In Same Location' // and 'Keep Original File' are checked. // ImageProcessorOptions.OVERWRITE_TARGET_FILES = false; // // USE_PROGRESS_BAR // This will enable a progress bar palette to keep the user appraised // of the progress as well as provide a Cancel button to stop the script. // ImageProcessorOptions.USE_PROGRESS_BAR = true; // // PROCESS_UNSAVED_IMAGES // This will enable the processing of unsaved images. To make this work, // the Folder for an unsaved image is ~/Desktop. If a file extension is // not in the image name, .psd is used. // ImageProcessorOptions.PROCESS_UNSAVED_IMAGES = false; // // CONVERT_UNTAGGED_RGB // When Untagged RGB is specified as the Color Profile, this flag // controls whether or not the image is converted to sRGB first. // It is common for apps to interpret an untagged file as sSRGB // so this conversion seems to be a reasonable default action. // ImageProcessor.CONVERT_UNTAGGED_RGB = true; // // PNG8 // When PNG8 is set to true, png SfW images will be saved as 8 bit // instead of the default 24 bit mode. The default is false. // This flag will be removed when bitDepth is added to the UI. // ImageProcessor.PNG8 = false; // // KEEP_ALIVE // When KEEP_ALIVE is set to true, the script will restart after // the current set of images has been processed. // This is currently experimental. // ImageProcessor.KEEP_ALIVE = false; // // KILL_IPP // When KILL_IPP is set to true, the script will check for a file // "kill.ipp" on the desktop after processing each document and // terminate processing if it is found. The name of the file // can be changed below. // This experimental feature was added to terminate long running // tasks when the ESC key and the Cancel button are not responsive. // ImageProcessor.KILL_IPP = false; ImageProcessor.KILL_IPP_NAME = "kill.ipp"; // // DATE flags // When using date format specifiers in the File Naming panel, // these flags control which date is used: Date Created, // Date Modified, or Current Date // ImageProcessor.DATE_CREATED = "DateCreated"; ImageProcessor.DATE_MODIFIED = "DateModified"; ImageProcessor.DATE_CURRENT = "DateCurrent"; // // DATE_FORMAT // Specifies which date to use when formatting output file names // ImageProcessor.DATE_FORMAT = ImageProcessor.DATE_CREATED; SUPPORT For problems with any release, contact me directly at the email address below. February 2016 xbytor@gmail.com
Source: README-NG.txt, updated 2016-02-03

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