PowerChanger is a tiny GUI wrapper for the Windows powercfg utility that lets you easily switch between power schemes in Windows. The GUI lists all saved power schemes in Windows and allows you to choose between all saved Windows power schemes.


  • Simple interface to select and apply any saved Windows power schemes.
  • Optional command-line parameters that extend functionality and change behavoir.
  • The window can be optionally docked to the Windows quick launch toolbar.
  • Can be used as a standalone executable without the need for installation.
  • Windows installer package available for those that want to install.
  • Pre-built Power Schemes (.pow files) for desktops and laptops that are simple to import and use.
  • Supports both XP and Vista powercfg utilities automatically.
  • Check box on GUI that optionally disables the screen saver. Great for movies.

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User Reviews

  • I made this quick in VB.NET because I was tired of constantly switching between power schemes manually and a bunch of batch scripts was cumbersome. I run a PC with XP 32bit Pro that I use for personal/studying/developing, and also as a server while I'm out of the room so I change the power settings a lot (e.g. when going to class needed it not to hibernate, or when watching a movie needed the monitors to stay on and have no screen saver). It got old so I put this program in my quick launch bar to make my life easier.

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Intended Audience

Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows), Command-line

Programming Language

Visual Basic .NET