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To Run PortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper (Version 1.63): Extract the folder live_wallpaper into your home directory. Right click on the file Under 'Permissions' tab, click 'Run this file as a program'. Open file in a text editor and edit the following lines: Line 12: The url of the webcam image to be displayed. A live view of Washington DC is the default. More webcam urls are listed in the 'webcam locations' file. Consider that some webcams are dark at night or stop updating at sunset. (Note: to find the url of a particular webcam or local weather map, right click on the image and select 'Copy image location'. Higher resolution images look best.) Line 17: Change the username for the save location to your Pictures folder.('/home/username/Pictures/current.jpg') Lines 19 & 21: Repeat as Line 17. (save location for .gif and .png image formats) Line 24: Update interval length, counted in seconds. Default is every 15 minutes. Note that specific webcams may update at intervals of anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. Adjust as necessary. Save and Close. Click to launch. Open your Desktop Wallpaper settings and click 'Add' (or +). Browse to your Pictures folder and select 'current.jpg' as your wallpaper. (If using .gif or .png images, select current.gif or current.png as your wallpaper. Each format will be listed as a separate image file. Re-select if you change image formats.) Other Stuff: 1) Set to launch on Startup 2) Create Desktop launcher 3) Rotate desktop between multiple webcams 4) If image refuses to load to desktop 5) If desktop refuses to update 1) Set PortalView to launch on Startup: Make executable (Right click/Properties/Permissions) Change username/location Save Open Startup Applications and click 'Add'. Under 'command', browse to or enter the path to (i.e /home/username/live_wallpaper/ 2) Create a desktop launcher: Right click on and select Make Link. Drag and drop the new launcher to your Desktop or other convenient location. Customize your new desktop icon name and appearance by right clicking and selecting Properties. You can find portalview-icon.png in the live_wallpaper folder. 3) To rotate desktop between multiple webcams: You can launch multiple instances of PortalView several minutes apart. Be sure to use the same image format for all instances. (all .jpg or .gif images, for example.) 4) If image refuses to load to the desktop: when switching between image formats (.jpg to .gif for example), open /Pictures/current with an image viewer and select 'Set as Desktop Background' (under File or Right Click menu). Image will update on schedule. 5) If the image updates but desktop does not: set the image as a 'slideshow' in your wallpaper settings, adjusting update interval as necessary. You can also create a 'cron job' to force an update at regular intervals. See XFCE Readme for an example.
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