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+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | OpenGL-0.66 +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ General Notes: * This test adds skips for some tests from OpenGL::RPN under current development avoiding FAILs in automated builds due to known problems. * It is compatible with the Prima GUI toolkit and the Prima::OpenGL module. * Otherwise, this is mostly identical to OpenGL-0.65. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | OpenGL-0.65 +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ General Notes: * This is a point release for the Perl OpenGL module (POGL) with new features, bugs fixed and improved documentation. * OS/2 is no longer supported by POGL directly. Highlights: * Paul Seamons contributed full tessellation support, documentation for OpenGL::Tessellation, and a *major* set of fixes and POD for the existing OpenGL::Array module. * The cygwin build of POGL now supports either the native win32 platform drivers or the X11/GLX bindings (default). Use interface=w32api or interface=wgl as args to the perl Makefile.PL to select. NOTE: you have to pick one or the other. If you change, any dependencies such as PDL::Graphics::TriD will need to be recompiled. * The included FreeGLUT DLL has been upgraded to 2.6.0 thanks to Rob/sisyphus. * Prima::OpenGL has been released by Dmitry Karasik which adds support for Perl OpenGL to his cross-platform GUI toolkit in addition to bug fixes and code cleanup. Thanks, Dmitry! See for details.
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