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======== = PoCC = ======== PoCC, the POlyhedral Compiler Collection package -*- version 1.4 -*- * Installation -------------- Requirements: - perl (any version) - GNU gcc (accessible as 'gcc' from the command line) - GNU g++ (accessible as 'g++' from the command line) - automake, autoconf, libtool and pkg-config - doxygen For Mac OS X users, the default gcc (Clang/LLVM) from XCode will not work: the NTL library 6.2.0 does not compile with Clang. Installing GNU GCC (e.g., using macports) to get gcc and g++ is needed to build PoCC on Mac OS X. Make sure your PATH is set adequately to have 'gcc' and 'g++' commands pointing to GNU GCC prior to installing PoCC. Note that the installation will fail if one of the dependency is not met. In case of troubles to build PoCC after adding a missing dependency, restart the installation from scracth, with a fresh source tree. $> ./ $> export PATH=`pwd`/bin * Documentation --------------- See the doc/ directory of the archive, or see the pocc.pdf file on the website directly. Note the documentation is still highly preliminary. * Usage ------- $> pocc -h Gives an overview of the options * Troubleshoot -------------- For any error please contact directly: Louis-Noel Pouchet <> * Acknowledgements ------------------ This package could not exist without the great software it contains! Many thanks to: = Cedric Bastoul = Uday Bondhugula = Sven Verdoolaege = Doran Wilde, Bart Kienhuis, Vincent Loechner, and Tanguy Risset for the PolyLib = Paul Feautrier for the PIPLib = Martin Kong -- PoCC is developed by: Louis-Noel Pouchet <>
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