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Maxima is needed for this software. It is an enhancement to Maxima's capabilities. 1. Pw.mac should be downloaded to a location where Maxima will find it like share/contrib. 2. Pw.mac current version is 6.2. 3. To integrate a piecewise continuous function type: pwint(f(x),x,a,b); pwint(f(x),x); 4. Creating piecewise functions is aided by the pw() function. 5. Help for pw.mac is in pw.htm. 6. To test pw.mac try batch("rtest_pw.mac", 'test); rtest_pw.mac should also be downloaded to a location where Maxima can find it. 7. You will need to get Maxima. 8. I have some examples of usage in the Maxima wiki page located at 9. Screen Shot's made with wxMaxima, a front end for Maxima
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