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Usage: Initial Installation: download and unzip. Read the documentation in Ph_Start_Here/Documentation.html Update: download, unzip and read the README.txt file CHANGELOG ========= Version 1.3.4 Jan 16 2013 ------------------------- Changed the upload limit from 10M to 50M. It is set in bin/ for security, and may be changed if required. Version 1.3.3 Aug 13 2012 ------------------------- Added a facility for allowing selected users only to upload after the competition has been closed for regular uploads. Version 1.3.2 May 29 2012 ------------------------- Changed text in admin page that could set off security filters. Version 1.3.1 Jan 18 2012 ------------------------- Fixed bug in use of TYP prefix for downloading images Version 1.3 Dec 2011 --------------------- Bugfixes: Fixed bug where changing a competition name automatically opened the competition. An image with an error in it now should not stop other valid images after it from uploading. Before a level is deleted, a check is now done to make sure there is no member assigned to that level. Miscellaneous: Administrators are now able to upload to closed competitions, thus making it unneccessary to open a competition until it is ready. When the competition is closed, administrators now see a prominent "Competition Closed" header at the top of each page. Made maximum image title length an option that can be changed. New tag "[% other_format_links %]" may optionally be placed in the page text to display a list of links to all the other open competitions. Some cleanup of error handling and other code issues. Removed fixed instructional text from the image upload page so administrators can customize it. Version 1.2 May 2011 --------------------- Bugfixes: Fixed a problem with users changing their own passwords. Miscellaneous: Some improvements to error messages Put all the files that do not belong elsewhere in a folder "Ph_Start_Here" to make installation/upgrade easier. Version 1.1 March 2011 ----------------------- Bugfixes: thumbnails should now reliably be deleted when the images are deleted reloading while editing a page should now show previous edits handling of lists fixed in the Options page, so empty items cannot be created Configuration: allow for print-only competitions 'xtra' parameter in personal data, for use, e.g. to store email addresses configurable parameters for the text on some buttons improved method for inserting empty columns in spreadsheet allow for use of CKEditor when editing page text Image validation: allow a 1 pixel error in resize ( due to a report that some reputable software resizes to 1 pixel over what is requested). check for non-RGB and non-JPEG formats Registration: registration output now sorts in order of enrolment allow for no waiting list Other Changes: allow for optional php authorization method, as used by RHCC improved error handling code improved documentation improved setup for initial installation
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