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  • It looks a fake SW. The launcher doesn't work because some java class are unknown. That happen using windows as linux with the last three version of software. The same using the app,lication package. Please developters write me to explain why ...

  • Installation went noticeably smoothly for a LAMP-based programme. However, the documentation is poor and the UI is not intuitive. As a result, I could not get past the very first hurdles of how to create a new project or save the demo one after I had made modifications. Examples of poor documentation: 1/ the bit in the doc titled "Create a new project" is a blank page with "tbd" in place of any information. 2/ uninstallation of ProjectForge is not documented, or the documentation is so poor that I could not find it. Shame really, as it looks like it could be a very powerful tool. But after wasting several hours trying out open-source project management tools, I'm now installing MS Project. I can't see what the fuss is about this product or any other open-source project management tools.

  • Very good. A bit tricky to install but with a tomcat knowledge you should be OK. Once installed it gives quick response, pleasing layout, full project hierarchy, very configurable, does Gantt charts, timesheets, calendars, the data entry is smooth and not too tedious. It knows about holidays and weekends. Also supports Asterisk integration for phone book and "click to call". This is the most attractive open source web-based collaborative project system I have seen so far.

  • Nice tool with more advanced features.

  • We are using it at Yatta Solutions as well, and it's great!

  • Successfully used by Micromata since 2001 for over 70 employees and a lot of projects.