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Version 0.59.B7 2017-12-18
Version 0.59.B6 2017-12-17
Version 0.59.B4 2016-11-01
Version 0.59.B3 2015-12-27
Version 0.59.B2 2015-06-26
Version 0.58.2 2014-01-31
Version 0.58.1 2013-10-07
Version 0.58 2013-10-07
Version 0.58 Beta 11 2013-01-03
Version 0.56 2012-04-18
Version 0.57.2 2012-04-18
Version 0.58 Beta 8 2012-04-18
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31.05.2018 (v0.59.B9) - Fixed: Error at startup of PENM cause of missing tray GUI variable - Fixed: Empty tray WiFi window appears on startup - Fixed: Advanced config value list is cleared at 1st click - Fixed: Missing authentication types for Open-WEP encryption - Fixed: Wrong tray icon if shell was restarted - Fixed: PENM GUI does not open if it was already running in tray - Fixed: Clearing list of used profile files does not work in PENM profile editor if current selected file does not exist anymore - Fixed: Wired tray icon even if WiFi is connected - Changed: Combobox behavior of network adapter selection to disable settings update even if the selection did not change and to reduce flickering - Added: Starting WiFi connect to SSID if ENTER key pressed in WiFi authentication/connection window 30.12.2017 (v0.59.B8) - Fixed: Wrong tray icon if no device is connected - Fixed: Missing columns in WiFi available network list under certain circumstances - Fixed: No connection possible via WiFi in WiFi tray window - Fixed: Missing translations for tray wifi items - Fixed: Open main GUI and just closing with [OK] leads to empty computer name - Changed: Create all main sub GUIs after creating main GUI and before creating tray WiFi GUI cause of graphical interferences - Added: Tray icons for WiFi connection if no LAN adapter is connected 18.12.2017 (v0.59.B7) - Fixed: Connect button in WiFi tray window does not work 17.12.2017 (v0.59.B6, including not released beta5 changes) - Fixed: Wrong disabled color of disabled .../X-Buttons - Fixed: Better detection of newer Windows 10 versions - Fixed: Minimizing main program leads to unchecking of tray menu item to show network activity - Changed: Detection of running shell - Changed: Workaround for network adapter descriptions like "XYZ a|b|g|n" -> "XYZ a/b/g/n" - Changed: GUI IP settings classic design (radiobuttons) - Changed: Override internal WM_SETCURSOR to remove flickering in input controls - Changed: Wifi connection dialog, now it's possible to connect to hidden networks, not connectable networks (maybe policy) are marked - Added: Detection of connected network device, wait condition configurable: ini/HKCU-reg-parameters: WaitConnect (Default=No) / WaitConnectTime (Default=120sec) - Added: Simple WiFi tray connection window (Left Button Click if WiFi adapter was detected) - Added: Possibility to keep PENM icon in tray whole time via ini/HKCU-reg-parameter: ShowTrayAlways (Default=No) 01.11.2016 (v0.59.B4) - Fixed: Program does not close even if set to close after starting network - Fixed: Program not displayed if started before shell and set to show main window - Fixed: Replaced old unknown variable type udword by dword - Changed: Driver inf files patching only if device install fails - Changed: Driver copying Maj/Min version number 27.12.2015 (v0.59.B3) - Fixed: Connection name not displayed if using WMI - Fixed: Clicking and displaying of tray info window misbehavior during creating process - Changed: TrayInfo sorted by connection name (first entry, then device name and network infos) - Changed: WiFi physical type display to letters instead of letter icons to make it easier to add new types - Changed: Better dynamic tray info window size - Changed: Icons in shares GUI to same like in network browsing - Changed: Device names in tray info window sorted - Changed: Detection of installed network, tcpip and workstation services are checked if running - Added: Connection name to TrayInfo - Added: Tray icon activity is splitted to send/receive actions (all adapters) - Added: New icons and sizes for different DPI sizes - Added: Win10 detection - Added: Show only connected devices in tray info window - Added: Tray info colors (text, background, transparency) can be changed via ini color scheme/editor - Added: Firewall tab 26.06.2015 (v0.59.B2) - Fixed: Checkbox text display was truncated - Fixed: Wrong display for radio boxes in advanced device tab - Fixed: Wrong decryption for accounts/password with more than 56 characters - Fixed: Profile applying via cmdline or on first startup if network already is installed - Fixed: Wrong declined variable - Fixed: Wrong ini patching routine caused corrupt inf files for PE1.X systems - Fixed: Wrong tab display with using small tabs - Changed: "Wpeinit" replaced with "Wpeutil InitializeNetwork" to install and start only needed network services - Changed: Network adapter is disabled and enabled again instead of restarted after applying changes - Added: GUI font selection (OS/selfdefined) in PENM/-editor 24.06.2014 (v0.59.B1) - Fixed: /GUIDisable parameter doesn't work from cmdline - Fixed: PENM profile editor did not load ini file if opened from PENM/profiles - Fixed: Missed countdown finish in editor preview window - Fixed: Wrong icons in editor preview window - Fixed: Missing translation for WiFi preferred network list header - Fixed: Driver copying routine rewritten - Fixed: PENM don't open the specified page if selected - Changed: Better DPI depended size - Changed: GUIs now uses Windows system default message/dialog font - Changed: If text expands button size, text is truncated and dots are added automatically - Added: PENM profile editor can now used with /ini= and /profile= parameters - Added: Check device interface type additional to detect wireless network adapter, works only in PE>=2.X - Added: MAC address filter for ini - Added: 'UseIniIcons' option - Added: Disable OS font using in PENM ini ('UseOsFont'=No) and editor via preferences (MS Sans Serif is used instead like in older versions) - Added: 'GlobalFont' entry for PENM ini to use an alternate font only if 'UseOSFont' is set to 'No' - Added: Disable OS font in PENM -> Other tab 31.01.2014 (v0.58.2) - Changed: Recompiled with AutoIt3.3.0.0 08.10.2013 (v0.58.1) - Fixed: GUIDisable mask option missing 07.10.2013 (v0.58) - Fixed: Missing translation applying after language change for connect menuitem in network browser - Fixed: After saving new color scheme in profile editor it was not applied to the list of the existing schemes - Fixed: Window focus on profile deleting in profile editor - Fixed: Profile deleting in profile editor - Fixed: Wrong label length calculation in network startup dialog - Fixed: IP address was not deleted if last item in network browser window was removed - Fixed: Missing color scheme apply on checkboxes if Windows styles are enabled - Changed: Profile editor reworked - Changed: Detailed PE version in debug log - Changed: Position of tray info window now near the tray icon - Added: Cmdline parameters /ini= for loading a specified ini file - Added: Cmdline parameters /profile= for loading a specified profile directly from file - Added: 'GUIDisable' mask parameter (ini, reg, cmdline) to show only some specific tabs ("Config"/"IP" & "About" are always shown) - Added: Version infos for WIN_8.1/WIN_2012R2 (WinPE5.0) - Added: Icon for AC wireless networks in available wireless networks - Added: More ini options are changable via profile editor - Added: Simple preview window in profile editor - Added: Simple check for entered addresses (IP, SM, DG, DNS, WINS) in profile editor - Added: Simple check for entered MAC address - Added: Some more visible options to color schemes tab in profile editor - Added: Key accelerators for profile editor - Added: Tooltip for profiles file cause file path can be larger to display - Added: Frame color for diabled buttons now changable via schemes/profile editor 02.01.2013 (v0.58.B11) - Fixed: Wrong button text for 'No' button if 'FocusNo' option is used - Fixed: Wrong listing in profile selection dialog - Fixed: Another drawing problem with tabs if no other program is open and another tab is selected - Fixed: Profile description field not deleted when selected another ini file - Fixed: Missing line for clipboard network adapters summary after WINS entry - Changed: renamed cmdline parameter /autostart to /startprompt because autostart is already set to 'True' by default - Changed: If a network card is deleted in profile editor the following adapter numbers are decreased automatically - Added: Right click in network browser for direct connect network - Added: Experimental simple filter for specific network adapter settings applying - Added: Some more global ini options to profile editor 01.01.2013 (v0.58.B10) - Fixed: Problem with version string for driver copying process 31.12.2012 (v0.58.B9) - Fixed: Value "FirstRun" not being set correctly after first run - Fixed: 63 chars limitation of DNS suffix -> 240 chars maximum - Fixed: Error in subfunction to stop a service - Fixed: Profiles: computername, workgroup and DNS suffix are not applied on first start under WinPE2.X/3.X (backchanged from Beta 1) - Fixed: Description field in network browsing not clear on resetting - Fixed: Wrong subnet mask automatically applied if no IP address was entered - Fixed: CMDs executing after IP change were the same like after starting network, CMDs for executing after changes were ignored - Fixed: Tab selected drawing problem if open last page option is used - Changed: DrvCopy params, OS is ignored by default and used only if one of the CMD parameters is XP, /XP, 2003, /2003, Vista, /Vista, Win7, /Win7, Win8, /Win8 - Added: Keypressing 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'c' OR 'a' in "IP settings GUI" -> copies infos of the selected OR all network adapter(s) (Device, MAC, IP, etc.) to clipboard - Added: 'StartMode' to hide/show startup procedure - numeric value (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) -> 0 - Don't show, 1 - Center (default), 2 - TopLeft, 3 - TopRight, 4 - BottomLeft, 5 - BottomRight, 6 - Depends on systray position - Added: Optional setting to save the last position of the main window on the Desktop - Added: Version string to PENMDrvCopy.log, profile editor and wifi exporter for better detect which version is used in case of problems - Added: Optional parameter /focusno or 'HKLM\SW\PENetwork\FocusNo' or in .ini to set the focus to the 'No' button on network startup dialog - Added: Start 'Browser' service if not started for network browsing (needed for) 16.04.2012 (v0.58.B8) - Fixed: Problem with tray info window while reading DNS server string - Fixed: 15 chars limitation of DNS suffix -> 63 chars maximum 15.04.2012 (v0.58.B7) - Fixed: Crash on 64bit while switching to 'Other' GUI - Fixed: Missing internal change of an numeric value 14.04.2012 (v0.58.B6) - Fixed: Network adapter state icon not updated correctly if adapter selection was changed and state was the same like for the previous one - Fixed: Language code detection problem cause of wrong comparing mode - Fixed: Missing color applying for trace label/checkbox, hops label and result checkbox in Ident GUI - Fixed: More than 1 DNS servers not shown correctly in different lines in Tray info window - Fixed: Missing translations - Changed: Maximum username length to UNLEN (256) and password length to PWLEN (256) in Shares GUI - Changed: If a 'sharing' user could be added successfully then the password field is always filled with dots, on password input the dots are removed - Removed: Unused stuff in 'Other' GUI (not finished cmdline things - will be maybe return in 'Profiles' GUI in a later version) - Added: "LastPage" value to open specific or last used tab on startup - Added: Using of WMI for applying IP settings (Experimental, needs working WMI under WinPE) 04.04.2012 (v0.58.B5) - Fixed: Wrong Subnetmask generating while changing directly IP in Properties GUI - Fixed: Language file reading "MainTitle" - Fixed: Again some more misbehaviour while using tray icon options - Changed: Info dialog in tray replaced tooltip - Changed: Old misbehaviour while changing IP adress in adress field - Added: Network browsing items are now sorted - Added: Network credentials dialog in network browsing if access to a resource item is restricted - Added: Network browsing: workgroup/domain name is automatically added on first tab open - Added: Deleting of created user for share access is possible now - Added: Trace in 'Computer' tab - Added: Last used ping/trace address is saved in registry and list is loaded on ping combo click 18.03.2012 (v0.58.B4) - Fixed: Empty IP address return if APIPA is set - Fixed: Redraw error in editor for button frame color, was always reset to zero - Fixed: Some misbehaviour while using tray icon options - Fixed: Network drives tab: wrong connection display in list (state, count) - Fixed: Network drives tab: connect to longer UNC paths failed - Changed: WiFi services are only installed/started automatically if 1 wireless network card was detected - Changed: Tray info, only 1st address on an interface is shown - Added: Auto importing of WiFi XML files with preferred networks if min. 1 WiFi card was installed sucessfully - Added: WiFi services are installed/started automatically if not installed yet and a new wireless network card was inserted/detected (ie. USB adapter), also WiFi profiles are loaded if a network profile was loaded or WiFi XML files exist - Added: Change WiFi profile position in preferred network list 24.01.2012 (v0.58.B3) - Fixed: Wrong detection of 'NDIS User I/O' driver installation state 22.01.2012 (v0.58.B2) - Fixed: Auto adding of WiFi WEP profile - Fixed: Wrong profile reading/adding of WiFi autoconnect, hiddenconnect and adhoc type - Changed: Internal WiFi start/end/install routine - Removed: Debugging of changed network activity cause of too much lines in debug log file 19.01.2012 (v0.58.B1) - Fixed: PE2.X/3.X - computername/workgroup was not set before starting 'wpeinit' - Fixed: 'Ping' not stopped if you want to change the tab - Fixed: Re-Applying of nonchanged WiFi profile under WinVista/7/PE2.X/3.X failed - Fixed: Missing WiFi profile delete function in profile editor - Fixed: 'NLA' service name now 'NLASVC' in newer OS - Changed: Internal OS detection and debug infos for OS - Added: Pressing 'ENTER' in Ping address input field starts/stops pinging and small info whil trying to ping - Added: OS >= Win7/PE3.X allows showing of local saved WiFi keys - Added: Logfile can be deleted easily now in 'Other' tab - Added: 1 line for using bartpe.exe if used standalone under BartPE - Added: Open profile file with PENM editor in 'Profiles' tab - Added: Option to choose internal PENM or OS WiFi profile UI (reactivated) for editing - Added: Some tooltips in 'Profiles' tab for small buttons - Added: Doubleclick on shares or network drives list open folder with default file manager 06.01.2012 (v0.57.2) - Fixed: Alignment bug in structure SP_DRVINFO_DATA and SP_DRVINFO_DETAIL_DATA 05.01.2012 (v0.57.1) - Fixed: Only first DNS/WINS/DG address is shown DHCP info dialog - Fixed: Wrong size of structure SP_DRVINFO_DATA and SP_DRVINFO_DETAIL_DATA - Changed: Some small cosmetic changes (ie. input fields positions in Shares tab) - Changed: 'Silver' scheme is default scheme and old grey one is 'Classic' now 03.01.2012 (v0.57) - Fixed: 64bit - current WiFi connection mark - Fixed: Missing Adhoc profile in available WiFi network list - Fixed: Listview column font misbehaviour - Fixed: Missing non-broadcast flag on adding WiFi profile - Fixed: Wrong type saving on adding WiFi adhoc profile - Fixed: Wrong speed menu items on speed button for some network adapters - Fixed: Wrong background color on MAC change dialog for current address - Fixed: Network card detection/install on 64bit - Fixed: Run commands after initializing network - Fixed: 64bit - bug in shares GUI, user query - Fixed: Autoloading of WiFi profiles - Fixed: File sharing tab wrong type detection of special shares like IPC$, ADMIN$, etc. - Fixed: GUI size while switching between full and small tabs - Changed: WiFi profile changing behaviour - Changed: Tab item behaviour on click - Changed: Profile editor now saves last used config files - Changed: Start of main GUI - Changed: DHCP info dialog - Changed: GUI refreshing to reduce a little bit only flickering - Changed: Language strings are set to english defaults before loading another language - Changed: Small changes for GUI frame colors (Main, Properties, WiFi) - Changed: Language string now saved in HKCU - Added: Profile copying in editor - Added: Profile editor loading file with external editor - Added: Network browsing in network drives tab - Added: Profile loading file with external editor - Added: Profile editor: possiblity to change the GUI frame colors (Main, Properties, WiFi) 05.08.2009 (v0.56) - Fixed: WiFi key - now '&', '<', '>' characters will be stored correctly - Fixed: Internal script bug with some disabled controls - bug not in compiled mode - Fixed: Missing 'Then' on StartWiFi function - Added: Window position will be saved and loaded on GUI start - Removed: Some unused not finished stuff 15.07.2009 (v0.54) - Changed: Internal handling of .icl-file - now using of "PENetwork.icl" in script dir - Added: Registering of rsaenh.dll after WiFi service installing to connect to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK networks 11.07.2009 (v0.53) - Fixed: Wrong color values in profile editor - Fixed: Missing color scheme elements combo in profile editor - Fixed: Error while connecting to nonsecured wireless adhoc network - Fixed: Case sensitive bug in WiFi available/prefered connections list - Fixed: Wrong color value for WiFi connected list entry save - Fixed: Case sensitive bug in WiFi direct connect - Fixed: Wrong DNS/WINS button text after language switching - Changed: Removed limitation for wireless adhoc network to only connect manually - Changed: Some internal color handling if controls are disabled - Changed: Internal color handling for some static controls - Changed: Sub open/save dialogs parents - Changed: Now more instances of profile editor/wifi exporter are allowed, also if editor/exporter is still opened WB script will run normally 12.01.2009 (v0.45) - Changed: RegDelete command changed to RegWrite empty value 11.01.2009 (v0.45) - Fixed: Wrong close button text on main GUI after starting network - Fixed: Missing status label on after minimizing main GUI - Fixed: Missing icons under Win2003 based PE - Fixed: Wrong parameter in driver copying process - Fixed: GUI won't come up if minimized to tray and should restart by shortcut clicking - Fixed: Missing language string in computer ident GUI - Changed: GUI - Added: GUI colors 16.11.2008 (v0.44) - Fixed: double function call with source XPSP3 - Fixed: fonts error after changing IP settings - Fixed: wrong speed info sometimes in config GUI and wrong DNS in DHCP info GUI - Changed: APIPA mode back to old behaviour (will later include an option in the profile editor) - Added: profile reloading/changing GUI - Added: option to set startup prompt to OnTop window 12.10.2008 (v0.43) - Fixed: A lot... - Changed: Some... - Added: Few things... 18.11.2007 (v0.39) - Fixed: Problem with same named network adapters - wrong comparing - Fixed: Local shares enum - wrong return type in DllCall of wstrlen - Changed: Some internal changes to work with AI beta - Changed: Profile Editor layout - Changed: Service rights for query/control - removed Service_All_Access - Added: CMD with IP change in Profile Editor - Added: "tcpipreg" service check for Vista(PE)/WinPE2.0 14.10.2007 (v0.38) - Computername: '+' -> random number; '?' -> random A-Z - run command after network start - some commandline parameters for the exe (/autostart, /useprofiles, /startsharing, /shareall) 18.07.2007 (v0.37) - Changed: Only a few internal changes - Added: Network startup countdown - Added: IP Auto configuration - not set by default, you can set it in the script -> if "IP Auto configuration" is enabled then if the network adapter could not get an IP from DHCP server the adapter will get the address from the class B network: 27.06.2007 (v0.36) - Fixed: Stop service error - Fixed: False service state after language switching - Added: Logfile for processing driver copy -> a logfile is created as "%Temp%\PENMDrvCpy.txt" 22.06.2007 (v0.36) - Fixed: Missing TABSTOP in profile selector dialog - Fixed: Profile applying not working if TCP/IP is autostarted while installing - Fixed: Some device detecting problems (no more other devices than network devices are tried to install) - Changed: Some internal changes - Changed: Removed blank password limitation for folder sharing - Added: Autostart File Sharing - Added: Predefined network drive paths 31.05.2007 (v0.36) - Fixed: Missed error string in folder sharing - Fixed: Last selected language not reused after closing - Changed: Font to DEFAULT_GUI_FONT - Added: driver files are now also copied from subdirs of the selected driver folder (- Added: WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW-Exstyle to inf-patching/drv-copying GUI to prevent taskbar entry) 26.05.2007 (v0.36) - Fixed: IP changing/renewing - Unicode problems - Fixed: Profile setting if more than 1 available network devices - Fixed: Starting PENetwork Manager if TCPIP is already installed (i.e. manually or by other tool) - Fixed: Language not rightly applied to adapter speed string - Fixed: Removed initest.txt from creating while ini-patching (was just for debugging) - Changed: Tab order in network drives dialog - Changed: Some internal GUI stuff - Added: Simple debug mode - file written to %Temp%\PENMDebug.txt - Added: Buildin driver copy (cause of missing some additional driver files) 08.05.2007 (still v0.35) - Fixed: "Profile Creator" Unicode support (also for Profile Selector on startup) -> best is to create a new profile ini then it's automatically saved as Unicode - Fixed: Countdown timer on profile selection doesn't stop - Fixed: Adding of an address deletes 'Other'-tab - Changed: DHCP-Info-GUI server entries layout - Changed: Some default values from inifile to registry cause of missing WB-unicode ini writing - Open: "Workgroup" is not used from profile - will solve this bug later in the evening... 06.05.2007 - 2.Upd. - Fixed: MessageBox ANSI -> Unicode (i.e. DHCP-Info) - Fixed: ListView controls with Unicode (tooks me half of the day ;)) - Fixed: Error while shuttingdown Windows (enum network adapters false return) (thanks to thunn) - Changed: Network drive lettes always A-Z 06.05.2007 (v0.35) - Fixed: Missing network (dis)connect dialog in Explorer (WB-script) - Fixed: Some missing translation - Fixed: Missing error messages for network drive connect - Fixed: Wrong GUI resizing while language changing - Fixed: Wrong MRU-list number (changed from 16 to 30 max.) - Fixed: Tray tooltip not updated on just minimizing to tray - Fixed: Wrong limitation of username length for network drives connect - Fixed: Profile selection countdown timer in QEMU (timer now using WM_TIMER) - Open: String placement in DHCP-info dialog in other languages 03.05.2007 (v0.34) - New: compiled in Unicode-Beta-Autoit-version - Fixed: Some language depended control settings (GUI title, size, etc.) - Fixed: Some missing translation - Changed: Some language dependent control settings - Added: inf-patching now buildin cause of Unicode-Autoit-version 01.05.2007 (v0.33) - Fixed: Some wrong IP settings changings effects - Changed: Main selection from Listview to Tabcontrol for better language support - Added: Simple language support for the PENM (English/German included - inifiles with ".lng" extension) - not profile editor yet 27.04.2007 (v0.32) - Fixed: Selection of static DNS/WINS/DG with DHCP and static DNS/WINS/DG - Fixed: False speed detection on disconnected device - Fixed: Static IP selection in DHCP mode and false device restarting - Fixed: Network drives MRU - Changed: Share username inputbox to combobox - Changed: GUI-redesign - Changed: Replaced NetUserEnum by NetLocalGroupGetMembers - Changed: Replaced selfcreated MRU procedure with CreateMRUListW, AddMRUStringW, etc. - Changed: Profile Editor: Countdown/Default profile - Added: Network drives used history - Added: Mouse cursor wait icon while refreshing something (devices, shares, etc.) - Added: Profile Editor/Profile Selector - Added: GUI is restored if running in tray or mimized to taskbar - and starting another instance - Open: Countdown timer doesnt work correctly in QEMU 14.02.2007 (v0.28) - Fixed: stopping service only stopped dependend services (thanks to TheHive for info) - Fixed: forcing/checking if "Computer Browser" is running - Removed: Msgbox for starting file sharing (username/password) - Added: a label with info about username/password to use file sharing 11.02.2007 (v0.27) - Fixed: missing listbox constants (exe) - Fixed: shares -> autohiding of input fields (exe) - Fixed: tray activities item -> checked state - Changed: if starting "File Sharing" only just one info for putting in username/password (exe) - Changed: server service stop message - Changed: closing GUI with OK will not exit PENetwork if "activities showing" is activated/used - Changed: rechanged tray icon on activities to look more like network activities icon ;) - Added: simple connection activity in tray (only 1 icon - same - like in vista) (exe/script) - Added: small icon in shares list for reflecting hidden/normal visible shares (idea by "TheHive" - thanks :) ) - Added: optional "closing to tray" (not fully per script) - Open: direct network browsing from ie. start -> run 07.02.2007 (v0.25) - Fixed: network drives path limitation - Fixed: network drives list too few entries - Added: sharing of additional folders - Added: small contextmenu to shares/drives-lists - Added: browsing network - Changed: automatically minimize to tray after loading 04.02.2007 (v0.23) - Fixed: like everytime some small things, you know there is always something to fix ;) - Added: Listing of local shared drives (sharing of additional folders is in progress) - Added: Network drives dialog (adding/deleting of network drive connections) - Added: some ini-cmds (like i.e. enable minimizing to tray on GUI-start 31.01.2007 (v0.22) - fast bugfix release - Fixed: device detection should now work with LiveXP (only testes with XPSP2, W2K3SP1 crashes here) - Fixed: registering of netcfgx.dll only if it is not registered (did the registering every time) - Changed: only 1 instance of the GUI will be running 30.01.2007 (v0.22) - Fixed: some ;) - Fixed: only applying changes to the system if there are some - Fixed: "workgroup" was reseted to "workgroup" on every start - Added (script): extract-button to only extract the exe - for the future if there are more changes to the exe than the script itself - Changed (script): moved automatically starting of PENetwork to Startmenu/Autostart-group - Added (exe): setting computername/workgroup should now work 27.01.2007 (v0.21) - Published new version - Fixed some bugs - Added File sharing and simple ping 22./23.01.2007 (v0.21) - File sharing is finished, needs some minimal optimization but works. 21.01.2007 (v0.21) - File sharing is working so far 'standalone' - ready to implement :) 20.01.2007 (v0.21) - File sharing is in progress - Ping() is finished so far
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