Atmega 128 microcontroller based open source EID smartcard with RSA (512-2048) and ECC (NIST prime192v1, prime256v1, secp384r1) support. Compatible with MyEID card from Aventra. Supported in windows and linux by opensc package. Allow about 64KiB space for keys/certificates. PKCS#15 structure supported. USB token with CCID interface based on xmega128a4u with same features as card. High speed AVR multiple precision arithmetic: squaring, multiplication, exponentiation.


  • CARD: simple design - single layer PCB and only one microcontroller
  • TOKEN: single side PCB, 15 components only
  • RSA cryptography (key size 512 up to 2048 bits)
  • EC cryptography /prime192v1/prim256v1/secp384r1/secp256k1/
  • supported by opensc (myeid driver)

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