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Android Console (Developer Releases) 2013-09-19
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OpenRemote Boss 1.0 (Developer Releases) 2009-12-22
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Controller 2.1.1 (2015-02-12 Twin Galaxies) =========================================== Bug Fixes: - Remerge issue ORCJAVA-392 to correctly include changes in UDP listener Controller 2.1.0 (2015-01-20 Twin Galaxies) =========================================== New Features: - EnOcean Implementation (Rainer Hitz, ORCJAVA-348) - Mi Casa Verde Vera Integration (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-330, ORCJAVA-331) - Round robind database (RRD) integration for storing sensor data (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-353, ORCJAVA-356) - EmonCMS integration for storing sensor data (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-357) - ICT Protege integration (Tomas Morton, ORCJAVA-445) - WebConsole upgraded to version 2.1.2, fixes issues with stuck loading screen, label on/off states with switch sensors, and tweaks for Midori web browser (Richard Turner, WEBCONSOLE-57, WEBCONSOLE-59, ORCJAVA-345, ORCJAVA-379) - Added DSC Security System (IT-100/EnvisaLink) integration - IP to serial (Greg Rapp, Phil Taylor, ORCJAVA-302) - Lagarto server (panStamps) integration (Daniel Berenguer) - Support 'custom' sensor types with virtual commands (ORCJAVA-217) - ZWave: * Updated protocol stack (Rainer Hitz, ORCJAVA-440) - KNX: * Added distinct levels for 'DIM' and 'SCALE' commands that allow set values to be configured for buttons, e.g. 'DIM 50' to dim directly to 50% (Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-71). * Added DPT 6.001 and DPT 6.010 signed 8-bit value support (Stefan Langerman, ORCJAVA-361). * Added support for date datatype (DPT, time datatype (DPT, four-octet signed values (DPT and four octet float values (DPT Corresponding commands that have been added are 'DATE', 'TIME', 'ENERGY' and 'POWER' (Kenneth Stridh, ORCJAVA-362). * Support for DPT 232.600 (RGB values) and DPT 16.001 (text fields) added, implementation converted internally to EventListener API (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-291, ORCJAVA-294, ORCJAVA-301) - HTTP protocol: * Methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE are now supported, HTTP 100 Expect Continue headers have been set to false for compatibility with HTTP servers that don't support this header (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-400, ORCJAVA-415) * For HTTP/JSON return documents, a JSON Path expression is supported. * HTTP content-type headers are supported (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-260) * For outgoing HTTP request, a user agent header is included which contains 'OpenRemoteController' as agent value which HTTP applications can use to identify requests originating from the controller. * Internally, the implementation has been converted to use URIs instead of URLs which resolves an issue with lack of encoding of HTTP parameters which contain which contain white spaces or other special characters. * HTTP related logs now appear in their own file under /logs/http/http.log (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-368) - UDP protocol: * Sending hex values by prefixing command data with '0x' string added. * Receiving of UDP packets added (ORCJAVA-392) * Add an option to specify what type of line ending is used for sent UDP commands. Defaults to 'NONE', other options are 'CR', 'LF' and 'CRLF' (Simon Vincent, ORCJAVA-393) - One Wire: Added possibility to specify temperature values in either Celsius (default), Kelvin, Fahrenheit or Rankine scales, data property added for sending values to switches (Marcus Redeker) - Shell Command Execution: polling interval and regular expression filtering on return values supported, including regexp groups to read in multiple sensor values at once. Support for using shell commands with sliders added (Marcus Redeker, Ivan Martinez) - Telnet: polling interval property added (Marcus Redeker), dedicated telnet log directory and telnet debug logs added (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-328) - Date/Time : values updated once per minute instead of once per second (Marcus Redeker), fix for timezones (ORCJAVA-401, Juha Lindfors) - TCP : send hex values by prefixing command data with '0x' string, add polling interval and regular expression support for TCP payloads (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-298) - Samsung SmartTV : support control of multiple Samsung devices in single installation (Ivan Martinez) - Touch panel gestures can now be bound to macros in addition to individual commands (Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-231) - Color selection widget is now supported by the controller (Eric Bariaux, Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-235, ORCJAVA-290) - Direct Tomcat container logging to /logs/container/tomcat-server.log (Tomcat server logging) and /logs/container/appcontext.log (Controller web application logging) files, and output directed to standard output and error streams to /logs/container/stderrout.log -- catalina.out is no longer created (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-273) - Adjusted 'start' and 'run' targets of to configure default standard output console logging differently -- 'run' target will still output logs to console where as 'start' target will redirect all logging to files (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-273) - Support for externally packaged and distributed protocol implementations, such as Z-wave (Marcus Redeker, Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-347, ORCJAVA-366) - Support for remote access proxy (Marcus Redeker, Eric Bariaux, Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-295, ORCJAVA-422, ORCJAVA-424, ORCJAVA-288, ORCJAVA-266, ORCJAVA-411) Bug Fixes: - X10: patch for potential race condition between thread deallocating gateway and thread processing serial port input (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-359) - Performance fix to sensor state cache queries (Marcus Redeker) - Runtime performance optimization to avoid unnecessary XML parsing/XPath use (ORCJAVA-190) - Fix for JSON REST request return values (Richard Turner, ORCJAVA-254) - Rework logout requests and added CORS headers (Richard Turner, ORCJAVA-255) - Internal API : concurrency and call control on Deployer start controller calls (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-179) - Range and Level sensors trim the incoming values from protocol implementation before attempting to convert values to numbers (Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-261) - Fix issues with installing Controller to a file system location that contained white spaces in path names - commonly 'Program Files' on Windows environments (Juha Lindfors ORCJAVA-280, ORCJAVA-263, ORCJAVA-286, Eric Bariaux ORCJAVA-311) - Fix a false warning in ISY-99 protocol implementation (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-308) - State sensor is more tolerant to device input trimming non-printable characters -- CF, RF, zero bytes, etc. (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-324) - Use locale independent string case conversions in the controller, KNX and telnet protocols (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-332, ORCJAVA-334, ORCJAVA-335) - Fix a bug in telnet switch sensor handling where untrimmed return value was never correctly parsed to 'on' state (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-326) - Fix a false warning in ISY-99 protocol implementation (ORCJAVA-308) - 1-wire: Fix NPE when owserver is not reachable (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-267) - KNX SCENE and LEARN_SCENE commands were mixed up. Enable scene number to be used with level sensors (Marcus Redeker, ORCJAVA-282) - Russound: reliability updates (Torbjorn Osterdahl, ORCJAVA-376) - LIRC: Parse 'remotename' attribute in LIRC integration instead of the default command 'name' attribute (ORCJAVA-380, Marcus Redeker) Internal: - Enforce UTF-8 encoding on Java source files with javac to prevent build issues on systems with differing default character encoding configurations (Juha Lindfors, ORCJAVA-329) - Add Port Abstraction Daemon (PAD) source files to project (Olivier Gandit, Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-314, ORCJAVA-375) Controller 2.0.2 (2013-02-26) ============================ - Update Web Console implementation to 2.1.0 (Richard Turner, ORCJAVA-312) - Bug fix: sensor status cache was throwing a runtime exception which was not handled if a panel requested a sensor status on a sensor which failed to start (due to configuration or other errors). The unhandled exception caused the client call to fail instead of gracefully falling back to default or error value. (Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-268) - Bug fix: logging generated errors (null pointer exception) at shutdown (Eric Bariaux, ORCJAVA-222) Controller 2.0.1 (2012-11-21) ============================= - Update Web Console implementation to 2.0.0 FINAL - Change Tomcat runtime default logging to file size bound (10MB per file) instead of unlimited file size logging
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