OpenPANA it'll be soon a full functional free solution which implements the PANA protocol. By now, it's a multithreading implementation, supported by a framework, which allows multiple users to authenticate.

Panatiki is a light-weight implementation of the PANA client in Contiki SO. The implementation interact well with the OpenPANA Agent. Source code has been moved to Panatiki sourceforge project (

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User Reviews

  • Openpana is excellent! Thanks.

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Hello, I'm about to start an internship about implementing a security platform under linux. I'm trying to install openpana but it keeps generating an error telling me to install ssl though i've installed the openssl library. Here's the error: Error! You need to have ssl or crypto to continue. Check which of these libraries contain the HMAC function in your system and install it to continue root@ubuntu:~/Bureau/openpana-0.2.4# openssl version OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012 Help please!!

  • Excellent solution for PANA. Easy to use and fairly stable to be a prealpha release.

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