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------------------------------------------- OPENNUM ------------------------------------------- OpenNum lets you distribute solvers with a nice graphical interface Typically, to program a GUI is time consuming and requires experience with graphic libraries. OpenNum lets you create a graphical interface adapted to your solvers by simply editing an XML configuration file. More specifically, OpenNum lets you · to collect a hierarchical dataset, · to call any executable file and · to visualize scalar and vector fields, plot graphs or show simple plain text files. It also has other useful utilities specifically designed for numerical simulation packages: · it permits to manage a centralized materials dataset; · it can read several finite element mesh formats and several field formats. =========================================== Installation =========================================== Decompress opennum_src_<date>.tar.gz OpenNum is programmed in Python. These are some prerrequisites to properly use the application (v means "version"): * Python: Programming language, 2.5 &le; v &lt; 3.0; recommended, v2.7.2. * wxPython: WxWidget bindings for Python, v2.8. * Python-VTK: VTK bindings for Python, v &ge; 5.4; recommended, v5.8. * Paramiko: SSH2 protocol for Python, only necessary for remote connections. Please open help/a-Help/index.xhtml for more information. =========================================== Usage =========================================== There are some examples in the menu item 'Aplications'. Please open help/a-Help/index.xhtml for more information. =========================================== Testing =========================================== This code has been tested in the following platforms: Ubuntu 10.10 =========================================== Additional information =========================================== To get additional information, please open help/a-Help/index.xhtml.
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