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openICEM is a high scalable server software, entirely written in python language, that provides a Certified eMail Service with legal standing (PEC), as specified by the Italian Law into the DPR. November 2, 2005 ( With great respect of the Open Source community, and with the aim of receiving much feedbacks as possible from it, OpenICEM is enterely documented in English. The current version of OpenICEM is developed and tested on the Postfix MTA and based on the python-ldap and python-clamd modules. The software uses XML-RPC for the communications among the servers of the infrastructure and make use of SQLite to trace the state of the messages/receipts. It does not require any shared service or shared filesystem. OpenICEM was initially based on SSL api provided by M2Crypto. Unfortunately this package seems to have some issue signing messages greater than 2~3 MB and it takes long time to do it. For this reason we decided to develop our own SSL interface based on CTYPES and OpenSSL libraries. While completing the SSL libraries, a temporary solution, which makes use of a wrapper to openssl cli, has been adopted. Performances are surprisingly good and it is very simple to configure. If you are interested to use openICEM in your infrastructure, the OpenICEM team is available to support you, during setup, configuration and certification from the Italian CNR, with the purpose to check in depth this software. The OpenICEM Team
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